Friday, January 15, 2010

It's My Party.....

What a Birthday Party!!! On Jan. 2nd, we had the trips' birthday party. What a wonderful turnout we had!! I know over 50 people total were there. At least 15-20 children (collectively) arrived. We had such a great time!
We had decided on a circus/carnival theme a while back. In fact, I came up with the idea one day when the babies were about 4 months old. We were in the middle of a feeding (propping bottles) and while I was grabbing one baby after another to burp (only to get spit up on)....the circus music started going off in my head. I knew it had to have been one of those days because I remember all I could do was laugh. I couldn't get to the next baby that needed burping in time and there was spit up everywhere (sorry to be so graphic)! And I thought to myself, "This is a three-ring circus!" And it has been ever since!!
I remember then all I wanted was for them to be able to hold their own bottle and not spit up. Well, I have that now...but it's not at all what I had expected. I know they have to grow up sometime. It feels like it's going so fast! Everyone told me it would. But of course no one believes it until they experience it.
In the last month, I've had some bitter-sweet moments. It's so neat to see them advancing developmentally. However, at the same time, you want to hang onto their "babyness" (if you can call that a word). It feels like it was yesterday when they were learning how to rollover. Now, they crawl, cruise, climb and stand up on their own. Not walking quite yet (Mollie does a little), but they're almost there.
And intelligent! These babies are so smart. I know every mom says that about their baby. But no really, these babies are!! Bronson and I have been teaching them sign language (for better communication until they start speaking). So far, they can let us know when they are hungry, when they want more and when they have or are about to "poop". It's great!! We also have introduced them to the 'My Baby Can Read' program. They've only been on it for 3 weeks and so far, they recognize the words: clap, wave, nose, and mouth. We're so proud of them!
They're wonderful babies! I have enjoyed them immensley!! I wouldn't want to do anything else in my life. My cup is definitely overflowing!!