Saturday, April 24, 2010

March of Dimes!

March of Dimes walk was today! It began at 9:00 am and lasted till about 10:30 am. My mom and I participated and together we raised over $800.00!! Thank you to everyone who supported us. We really appreciate it!

I can't tell you how sobering it was to walk alongside people who have lost their children and were walking in memory of them. Premature births affect so many's unbelievable! Although the triplets were born 2 months premature, we didn't have near the issues that a lot struggle with. In fact, our babies were so healthy. True the girls had to go on a breathing machine for the first 8 to 9 hours of their life, but they were off shortly thereafter. Preston never went on a breathing tube. By the weekend from their birth (they were born on a Tuesday), their IV's were out. The only thing they had to overcome was eating, swallowing, and breathing simultaneously. We thank God that the March of Dimes brought about tools that aided us to have babies with mature lungs (which kept them from having to be on CPAPs for an extended period of time). I was given two shots of steroids 3 to 4 days prior to their birth to make sure their lungs matured.

As you can see (above), the walk proved to be a lot of work for Elise. She was so tired. She could barely hold up her head. So adorable!!

Here's us at the finish line! We had a really great time! I know this will be our annual fundraiser for the kiddos. Thank you again for all your support!

Friday, April 23, 2010

15 Month Check Up

This afternoon we had our 15 month check up!!! The babies are growing so fast! They did very well and the doctor was impressed with how much they have learned developmentally! I'm so excited (and proud). According to the typical normal chart for 15 month olds, their vocabulary should consist of 3-6 words, they should understand simple commands ("touch the dog" or "eat your food"), begin to listen to stories read to him/her and stack two blocks. All three has a vocabulary of 10-15 words (they can say ball, hair, nose, ear, eyes, dog, cat, toes, shoes, socks, and outside just to name a few). As for commands, so far I have been able to ask them to come to me to put their shoes and socks on (they go get the shoes and socks if they're on the floor or on the stairs and bring them to me); go get the ball; pick up your toys; eat your food; put your drink on the table; etc. They clearly understand what Bronson and I tell them. They're amazing! Story time before bedtime can last anywhere from 15-30 minutes. They normally can sit through two to three books. Now, they're starting to open their own books and "read" to themselves. Pretty entertaining! Preston has shown that he can stack 5 to 6 blocks and both girls have stacked their numbered buckets in order from 10 to 1 (10 buckets!!!). We're so very proud of them! And we're excited for what's to come.

Miss Mollie weighed in at 24 lbs (60% on the growth chart). Her height is 32 1/4" (85% on the growth chart). She did well during the exam but had a rough time overcoming her shots.

Little Elise is still the heaviest of the three weighing in at 26 lbs (85% of growth chart). And her height is 32" (80% on growth chart). She was still a little gun shy from the previous cardiology appointment, but didn't cry for long after the shots. She's such a trooper!

And our handsome, strapping boy, Preston weighed in at 25 lbs (50% on growth chart). His height is still in the 90th percentile at 33 1/4". He breezed through the examination and quickly recovered from the shots (especially since Grandma held him afterward).

Since they are doing fantastic, we were told that they will not need an exam at 18 months (unless there's something wrong or there is a need for it)!! Next time will be in 9 months! Bronson and I can now relax knowing that we are doing everything in our power to make sure these babies are not lagging behind their full-term counterparts developmentally or physically. God is so good!

Update on Elise

Today was Elise's cardiology appointment. Talk about a long morning!! Before seeing the Doc, we had to get an EKG and an Echo on her. Not thinking, I forgot to tell the tech for the EKG not to talk to Elise first. So, she did. And since Elise is not socially accepting of strangers, she immediately began to panic. Then came the strips that had to be attached to her body. Not good. Needless to say, the EKG did not get done. A screaming Elise prevented that!! We had to go back into the waiting room with her siblings and Grandma to wait for her to calm down. Then it was off to the Echo tech. I remember to let him know not to talk or even look at her. He didn't and managed to get a good enough pic of her heart for the Doc to examine her. This tech was so awesome that when Elise started to throw a fit, he took out his phone and played a video of his 22 month old son naming all the animals and their sounds. You could tell he worked with children a lot.

After a full examination of Elise's heart and lungs, it was determined that the hole was still present. Not seeming to be too concerned about it, the doctor asked if she was as active as her siblings and if she could keep up with them. All answers were yes, of course! In fact, she runs more than they do. Her breathing is normal and there are no other signs of distress. It's as if the medical team is seeing something that's really not there (I'm believing for that).

The prognosis is for her to come back in a year for another examination. If the condition is still the same, a nonsurgical procedure will be done (inserting a catheter up through her groin area to the heart) to close the hole. I believe there won't be any need as Elise is healed in Jesus' name! Thank you for everyone who has prayed for this precious baby!!

Old MacDonald Had A Farm

Actually, it's Grandma and PawPaw who has the farm! The kids and I went to visit Grandma and PawPaw last week for some "Mamma" time. Unlike all the visits previously, this time, we went to see real livestock! The kids have been learning "Old MacDonald" and all the animals on his farm. Now they got to experience it up close and personal.

Above, Grandma gave the chickens some grass to feed on which brought them close to the kids. The babies went crazy! They can't quite "cluck" yet, but they knew what chickens were and started to say their "ch" sound.

I believe the cows were a big hit. Once the trips saw them, they started "mooing" BIG TIME! The best part of it was that these cows were not shy at all. They came right up to the babies and tried to lick their faces several times. Preston almost got to touch one of their noses.

Grandma was showing Preston one of her horses. The girls didn't get too close (which was a good thing). But Preston was extremely curious of them since he kept going over to the fence to see them.

It was such a nice, relaxing time there. I always love being in the country. I hope the kids do as well (especially since they can run around in a huge field without me running after them). There's such a peace that resonates with us when we spend time marveling at God's creation. I believe the kids were on to it.