Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Movie in a Theater!!!

The triplets went to their very first movie at the theater (earlier in March)!!! It was so exciting! They had no clue what to expect (and neither did we!).
While we were in San Angelo visiting my Aunt BB, cousin Shana and her two daughters, Emma and Kara, they expressed how much they wanted to take the babies to the movies. I couldn't have picked a better group of girls to do this with.
On the venue for the day (well, appropriate for the trips) was The Lorax. They were mesmerized throughout the entire movie. I thought they would watch it for about half an hour and then get up and run around. NOT AT ALL! They sat the entire 180 minutes and didn't move an muscle!
Given this was my first time to take them, I didn't do so bad myself! I packed their juice and any candy I would allow them to have. We bought huge tubs of popcorn and dispersed it to them in their little cups. I was prepared to run to the bathroom with them several times, but no one had to go (or they did....just in their pull-up).
They had such a wonderful time. I'm sure Emma and Kara did as well. I know I had a blast! Shana and I were just enjoying watching their reaction to everything. 
I'm glad Emma and Kara had this great idea! There were enough help in case anything happened. It also allowed me to experience how they will be in a movie for the future. 
 Thank you, Konka, Shana, Emma and Kara for a great time! We thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Well, yesterday....

We had such a great day!! A couple of friends of ours informed us on Friday evening that they were going to the St. Patrick's Day Parade downtown and we could join them if we so desired. Bronson and I briefly talked it over and decided that it would be a good experience for the kids. We rounded them up that morning, decked them out in St. Patrick's Day gear, loaded up and took off.

It couldn't have been a more perfect day! It wasn't hot at all!! When we met up with our friends, they had chosen a place that was shady, not overly crowded and perfect view of the parade. The kids even had some room to run around should they start getting bored (they didn't...get bored).

Once the parade started, the kids were all eyes and ears. They really enjoyed getting the candy and beads the participants were throwing out to the crowd. I personally was well pleased with how discreet a lot of the people were (nowadays, you never know!).

The bagpipers and Irish dancers definitely made a hit with all of us (especially me). It was all very entertaining!

There was a moment we all had that I would not like to ever experience again but I know I will. Once the parade was over, the street sweepers began to cover the roads. The crowds were instructed to get onto the curb. The kiddos were beginning to climb into the choo-choo wagon, only to be told to get out so we could lift it onto the sidewalk. The girls followed closely behind me. Because Bronson was also behind me, I didn't check to see where Preston was. As the crowds began to make their way to the sidewalk, chaos broke out quickly. A couple came up to me asking that I take a picture of them, but at that moment, I could not locate Preston! I looked at Bronson with terror in my eyes and he knew....

I'm so thankful that Toby and Loree were there. I handed the camera to Loree and asked if she could take the couple's picture so I could go looking for Preston with Bronson. Toby grabbed my shoulders and told me not to move that he and Bronson will cover the street and blocks. He went one way, Bronson went the other. It wasn't too long before Bronson was heading back toward me and the girls with Preston in his arms. Just as he had done in the past, Preston got swept away with the crowd and kept walking without looking up to see who he was following. Bronson found him a block away talking to another adult (that was trying to find out where his parents were).

After that episode, it was time to go home! We still had a great time, but I think it will be a while before we go to an event that big.