Friday, June 24, 2011

World's Largest Sprinkler!!!

Yes, you read the headline correctly....the World's Largest Sprinkler (sponsored by Target) was in Houston this weekend at Discovery Green. So of course we had to go!!!

We arrived a little after it opened and it's a good thing we did! The line was somewhat long and the wait ended up taking almost an hour. The event wasn't exactly what I had expected. I thought the World's Largest Sprinkler would resemble the sprinkler system that is used on huge crop fields and that it would be on the open field of Discovery Green for everyone to run under (all at the same time). But history has proven that it is better to have organized chaos than crazy chaos. Target and their organized way allowed several children/adults to enter in a gated area where the sprinkler was located and "play" for about 5 to 10 minutes (depending if you're waiting or playing.....10 minutes if you're waiting in line, but only 5 if you're the one that's playing).

Thankfully, all of the kids did very well on waiting......well, up until it was just about our turn for the fun. That's when my kids started getting a little anxious. For two year olds......I think that was remarkable!

My close friend (and neighbor), Bobbi, went with us, bringing her crew: hubby, teenage daughter Haley, and young kiddos....Colby and Taylor. I would like to take this moment to give them a HUGE THANKS for being there. This trip wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for them. So, thank you!

The kids LOVED it! Above is Mollie running around and getting water up her nose. After we had all entered in the area, a group of teenage kids trampled in on the other side. And wouldn't you know it, Mollie decides she needs to go over there to join in their fun. She's a gluten for dangerous situations! They were rough housing and wrestling....never once minding children around them. It was expected....they were teenagers! Either way, keeping her on our side of the sprinkler was a challenge.

Elise had a great time! A few times she did want to get down to see what it would be like to jump in all the puddles of mud on the ground. But a little coaxing is all it took for her to stay put. And unlike Mollie, she didn't dare go toward the teenagers. She saw the damage they could do from afar!!!

Preston, for the most part, stayed with Haley. He did enjoy himself getting "rained" on. And he kept in the same area. He doesn't like to go too far off......well, unless he knows I'll chase after him.

Then off we went to the splash pad. This is an area where fountains of water is shot up from the ground. The kids were ecstatic! Above is Taylor and Colby goofing around. They were a huge help in keeping the babies close to us.

Nothing is better than a picnic in the park! Especially after a lot of fun in the sun. After our lunch, we went to the playground nearby and another fountain to get drenched. Before going home, I decided we needed to top off our great fun day with a snow cone! It was the trips' first real snow cone!!! They thought it was great! And they all had blue mouths (and blue down their swimsuits) to prove it!!!

Another crazy event documented! Even though it was a lot of work.....I would do it all over again.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Singing In The Rain!!!

It rained at our house!!! Finally, after so long, we got the wet stuff!! The kids were so excited. They asked me if they could go play in the rain....and since I'm crazy enough, I said, "Let's do this!"

So on with their rain jackets and rain boots and off they went. Splashing, jumping, dancing, and even singing! They were so giddy that it became contagious and I went out there too! Elise usually doesn't like to get wet or dirty. But on this special occasion, she enjoyed herself. She even took of her hood and let the rain fall on her head.

Preston always has to get into why not the gutter??? He kept getting tickled by the fact that water was coming out so fast. All he would do is stick his hand up there and keep saying over and over, "Look Momma, it's water!" So silly!

Mollie surprised me. She went out for a little while and even took her hood off when Elise did. But she was the first one to want to come in. She did have fun....and slide down the slides a few times. When it came right down to it, she just wanted out of the wet clothes and boots and get into a soft, warm, dry towel. And that's exactly what was waiting for her. I had towels in the dryer for when they were done and their favorite video ready to play. Soon they were saying, "Night-night!" and were cuddled up for a long nap. How nice it is to be 2 years old.....

Visit With Elmo!!!

Yay! It finally happened.....we got to see Elmo! The Chick-Fil-A near our home had Elmo stop by for the evening on Tuesday, June 21st. So I thought it would be a perfect time to have the kids meet him (especially since they're getting more comfortable around big characters). It was hilarious! We were sitting there eating (got there before Elmo showed up) and Elise saw him when he walked in. She started screaming, "Mommy, there's Elmo! Look! He's here!" The area we were sitting in was tucked away in the back, so when he kept going (what looked like to the cashier), she then started screaming, "Where is he going?" And without skipping a beat, Preston answered her, "He's going to eat, Elise!" So adorable!

Mollie was such an Elmo HOG! Oh my goodness!! She wouldn't leave the poor Elmo alone. She was constantly climbing up him, hugging him, kissing him, etc. Apparently he/she liked it. After a while, Elmo would pick her up and give her a big hug. He had her sit on his lap, give him "high 5's", and just snuggle with her. It became a little difficult when more and more children demanded his attention. But Mollie was a good sport and stepped back for them to have the fun as well

If anyone knows anything about Elise it's that she is Elmo's biggest fan in the whole wide world! She has about 5 or 6 Elmos that she carries with her just about everywhere. She would have more if we purchased them....but Bronson and I had a limit. She's always talking about him and to him as well. It's hysterical! She was really tender hearted toward him that evening. All she wanted to do was hug him and crawl up in his lap. She wasn't interested in playing with him at all. It was so sweet! But that's how Elise is.....very sweet!

I thought Preston would be really scared of Elmo. He rarely goes up to any big characters we come in contact with. Surprisingly enough, he was the first to hug him! I guess the idea of a huge Elmo overpowers the fear of a big, furry creature roaming around a fast food restaurant. I would have to say his reaction was in the middle of Mollie and Elise's (as usual). He didn't want to really play a lot with him, but wasn't interested in a lot of affection either. He took his pictures with Elmo, gave him hugs, a few "high 5's" and he was done. But that is Preston....laid back and not high maintenance like his Daddy.

Overall we had a great time! I was so glad I took them. And they behaved beautifully! We didn't use highchairs this time. I was a little nervous about that since they had access to get up and go without my control. But they didn't. They sat down, ate their entire meal (boy, can they eat!). Mollie even waited on the other two to finish before running to see Elmo (she always finishes her Mommy).

The best part of the evening was that Daddy met us there after work. I had kept it a surprise for the kiddos. So when they saw their beloved Daddy walk through the door of the play area, they squealed in delight! He received a more excited welcome than Elmo himself!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

An Ode to My Husband

It being Father's Day, I found it very appropriate to "give props" to my husband, the triplets' father.

You've heard it said that anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a Daddy. Daddies participate in every area of their children's lives. They put their own hopes and dreams on hold while they help fulfill their kids'. Daddies not only exist in the home, but they influence; they embrace; they help mold their children into what they will become. And although they're only 2 years old.....the triplets' Daddy is doing just that.

Bronson was thrown into unknown territory (Fatherhood) at an unbelievable level. He didn't get to ease into his role like most fathers. No, he was catapulted into it! Going from no babies to three in 3 minutes.

The first year he did great! I never had to ask him to change a diaper, feed a baby, entertain another....he just did it. Sure he had some difficulty getting to a comfort zone (changing a preemie's diaper is more challenging than it may seem)....but he got there. That's what counts. After the first year, we both had time to relax a little as everything started slowing down a bit. But as much as it slowed down, it proved to be a difficult time for both of us....but we pushed through and he stood by me, supporting me and always loving our kids.

Now he is Daddy of The YEAR! This husband of mine throws himself into his very demanding role in fatherhood. You will always find him playing and wrestling with the kids. After a long day at work, he comes home to bathe them, brush their teeth and get them ready for bed. And he always says "yes" to another bedtime story.

Being married to me is no piece of cake either. I'm very energetic and always want to take the babies somewhere or do something special with them. I'm constantly finding activities for us to do. Most Daddies would frown at the idea of packing up three toddlers (not to mention getting them ready as well as all their paraphernalia). But Bronson never does. His answer is "Okay....let's go". We rarely turn down an opportunity for the kids to experience new things. On top of that, he's always smiling showing our babies that he loves them and he enjoys spending time with them. No wonder when he walks through the door every evening they run to him and cling to his arms and legs!!!

I'm so thankful to have him as my husband. But I'm even more grateful for him as the Daddy of our children. I honestly cannot find another man that I would want to share this extraordinary journey with. He's an amazing Daddy. And even more so, he's an amazing man.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bouncin' Bears!

What a day!!! We had such a great time and the kids got to experience something a little new (at least to them).....DONUTS!! Yes, I know...we have not exposed our children to donuts and they're already 2 1/2 years old! Bronson and I thought it would be a good day to do just that. Especially since where we planned on taking them, they would burn up all that extra "energy".

Above is a glimpse of what Mollie looked like on her first bite. As she began to chew, her eyes got wide and she couldn't get the second donut hole in her mouth fast enough! It was hysterical!! She kept stuffing them in her mouth that at one point, Bronson and I thought we were going to have to get her to spit it all out.

Elise took hers nice and slow.....but she was keeping count on how many we allowed each of them. Once she put one in her mouth, she would say (or try to say), "another please!" She wanted to make sure she had one waiting when she swallowed the previous one. That's my baby girl!

Oh and Preston.....just like his Daddy! He liked to actually taste each donut. I had to go ahead and give him all of his up front or the girls would have eaten his as well! They're fast eaters (like their Momma). At least he thoroughly enjoyed them!

Then off we went to Bouncin' Bears!! This is a facility large enough to house 9 to 10 HUGE bouncies!!! They do have a toddler area for kids 3 and under; however, Mollie wasn't having any of that. She would run around with the bigger kids. She could do just about everything they did from climbing up huge steps that lead up to a long slide all the way to "rock climbing" on another bouncy. She was insane! It was so hard for Bronson and I to keep up with her. One minute she would be on one bouncy, the next she would be on another at the other end of the building! One of us had to chase her while the other stayed with Elise and Preston.

Elise had a great time as well. She wasn't as challenging as Mollie. She liked the toddler area. In fact, her favorite bouncy was in that area; Dora and Boots. She even hugged the thing several times! At one point she was afraid of the bigger slides and we had to ride down with her. But after a while, she braved them herself. There is one huge bounce area that rests on the ground. She was terrified of that! We had to hold her the whole time.

Preston, as always, was somewhere in between Mollie and Elise. He chased after Mollie a lot. But then was too worn out so he would go his own way. He did stay in the bigger kid bouncies for a majority of the time. He needed a little help with getting up the big slides....but ended up managing to do a lot of others himself. He LOVED the one bouncy on the ground. He would stay on that thing for quite some time.....which meant that one of us (Bronson or myself) would have to hold Elise while on there. We definitely could have used three people, but I think a lot of parents were understanding and helped us when we were being pulled in three different directions. We didn't worry about it too much. They were visible to us no matter what area they were in. It was just getting to them quick enough if they fell. We spent most of the morning and into the afternoon at Bouncin' Bears. We even went back after the kids had their lunch and nap. Needless to say, they wore off all the sugar those donut holes provided!

After a good hour and a half of bouncing....we were off to Chick-Fil-A for dinner and to watch our babysitter and friend, Haley, enter in a singing competition. She did really well and the kids were excited to see her sing. The cow was there to greet them and there were several of our other friends they played with. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Toddler Time and The Carousel

Today we planned on going to "Toddler Time" at the library and then off to the mall to meet our Moms of Multiples group in the play area. We then went to the carousel on the second floor in the mall.

For those of you who are not familiar with Toddler Time, it's story time geared toward toddlers to age 3 with story books, songs, and a craft. We have come to LOVE this special time at the library (especially Momma). However, because I've been taking a class on Wednesdays for athletic training, we haven't been going to Toddler Time on a regular basis. I have felt somewhat guilty (but not too much since my personal time indirectly helps the kids as well). Daddy was home this week and I can't go to the gym until next week.....I thought it would be a perfect time to show him what we do. It was a great surprise for Mrs. Rachel!! She directs story time and is incredible with all the toddlers!! Our kids love her so much! We had such a great time!

Then we made a mad dash to the mall to spend the rest of our time with the Moms of Multiples playgroup. We met several mommas there with their twins. It was a good time for me to catch up on what's going on while Bronson played with the kids. Playtime was short lived when we realized the time. Up the elevator we went to have lunch and then ride on the carousel.

The kiddos LOVE riding on this thing so much that we allowed them to ride twice. I was surprised to see Preston ride this time. Last time we got on the carousel, he wouldn't let me put him on any of them (even on his favorite animals). I think this time it had a little something to do with Daddy being with him. Somehow he seems a little braver with Bronson around.

And as usual, on the way home, all of them passed out (Mollie being the very last one). We didn't do a lot when they woke up from their nap......except go on a snow cone hunt!! I cannot believe we don't have any snow cone stands around our area!! I'm hoping we can find one tomorrow. The weather is perfect for one! Another day down and another exciting one awaits us!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Children's Museum

Due to Elise's recent hospital stay, our 2 week vacation to Ohio, New York and D.C. was cancelled. As upset as we were, we decided the best way to handle our unfortunate setback, was to make the best of it. Bronson continued with his vacation for this week to spend time with us!! So today, Bronson and I took the babies to The Woodlands Children's Museum. We have never been before and didn't know really what to expect. Surprisingly enough, we had a great time!! The museum was set up purposely for children under 6 (although some older children were there and seemed to be enjoying themselves). We spent 2 hours there and still didn't get enough play time.....well, according to the kids.

Mollie was a hoot! She wanted to be so independent from us. Every time we turned around, she was at a different station. It was as if she couldn't take it all in fast enough! Above is her "driving" the fire truck. She definitely took charge wherever she went!

A huge playhouse was set in the middle of the museum complete with a kitchen, dining area, front porch and doghouse. Mollie spent most of her time here.....which I did not expect. She kept rearranging the food on the table. She was also inspecting her produce (you'll have to see the pics on our shutterfly account). But I believe it was the magic show that caught her attention the most. She was the only one out of all three that sat there and was mesmerized by all the tricks the magician was doing (mostly juggling).

Elise spent most of her time with the dinosaurs. She LOVES dinosaurs and everything about them. She would even bury them in the "dirt" and dig them up. Up above she's in the doghouse. Below she is having the dinosaurs kiss one another. It amazed me that she could name one of them (the Stegosaurus...probably because she remembered that one has all the plates on his back). Either way, I was in awe of her. She did enjoy the playhouse and the fire truck.....but her favorite had to be the dirt area.

We definitely need to get this girl some dinosaur figurines pronto!!

And then there's Preston.....he was so much fun! His favorite area was the fire truck with all the costumes. He would not take off the hat the entire time we were there! He has a love for hats. Like Mollie, he couldn't focus on any one activity for very long. Above is him "fishing". He did get a kick out of that. I believe he gets it from me.....I LOVE fishing.

His second favorite area was where all the big trucks were. The dirt was so was actually chopped up pieces of tires/rubber. So cool! The novelty of construction did hold his attention longer than most of the activities. I had such a great time watching him experience new ways of expressing himself through play.

All in all, it was a wonderful day! I'm so glad we decided to make the best of what we have this week. I know it was in the best interest of everyone involved that we stay home.....but it was such a difficult decision, not to mention hard to let go of something we've been planning for almost a year. Nevertheless, I had peace in our decision and it's where we're supposed to be. Now we're looking forward to a new and exciting tomorrow!!!

Here We Go Again!!

For those of you who don't know, Elise was admitted last Tuesday for a staph infection.....AGAIN! This is her second bout with the bacteria in the last year. In May 2010, she was admitted for two nights with the non-resistant staph (typical, common staph). This time, she was diagnosed with MRSA. This is Methicillin-Resistant Staph. I thought it was pretty serious; however, the doctors and nurses didn't think it was as serious as it could have been. Apparently only about 1 in 100,00 cases of MRSA is serious enough for a quarantined environment. (The doctors didn't even wear masks or require us to when examining her).

This time she stayed two nights and three days. Once again, she was such a trooper. She was poked, prodded, examined and injected with so many antibiotics....but was still able to smile and play silly. My mom took Mollie and Preston home with her Tuesday afternoon while Gamma (Bronson's mom) stayed with Elise for a while. Uncle Reed even came to pay a visit (along with Hokey Pokey Elmo!).

As much as it may sound serious, she was fine. The staff at St. Luke's was incredible! They took really good care of her (and me).

She really livened up when Daddy came for his evening visits after work. They even fell asleep together several times. She was enjoying all the attention!

The good news is she's doing so much better. She was released on Thursday and had a follow up visit today. Our Pedi was very pleased to see how well the wound had healed. And it looks like she's still a go for the PDA procedure on July 6th (it was rescheduled from June 29th).

The doctor also informed us that Elise is not easily contagious (skin to skin) and she is not a carrier of the bacteria (meaning it won't always stay with her). The prognosis is to bathe her in a bleach bath (along with Mollie and Preston) once a week and to continuously disinfect the bathrooms since that's where staph seems to hide out the most. All in all we're thankful that Elise is fine and it didn't get to a dangerous level. Thank you for all of you who prayed.