Monday, March 28, 2011

Nature.....and kids

The other day, I was pulled outside by three little munchkins that were screaming, "Momma, lady bug, lady bug!!!" They were so excited to have spot a lady bug in the grass near the house. So, being the outdoors mom I am...I ran out there to see what they were calling "lady bug".

Sure enough, it was definitely a little lady bug. Mollie and Elise were so excited that they ran around calling, "Lady bug, where are you?" all over the backyard. They desperately wanted to find more. But the one that was more interested in the one they already found was Preston.

He was watching every move that bug made. And followed it crawling from one end of the "patio" to the other.

All the while he kept saying, "Momma look! He's going over there!! Momma, look!" He was so proud of himself!! Then he gained the courage to touch it.....

He "pet" it for a little while until his big sister saw all the attention that was given to him. She decided to walk over and.....

Well, let's just say, "Poor lady bug!". never know what they'll do next!!

(No lady bugs were actually harmed in the making of this post. Mollie did miss the bug with her foot and we talked about harming God's creation. Now, all three say, "Don't hurt the bugs!"

Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Day of Spring and Houston Fertility Institute "Baby Shower"

Well, today was the first day of spring!!! And we wore our spring outfits for church. The girls absolutely LOVE dressing up! Every time you put Mollie in a dress, she immediately starts spinning around (or what we call "twirling") and Elise just smiles and does a little "curtsy" to me and Daddy. Preston walks around so proud and says, "Orange shirt, orange shirt!" Just like his Daddy, he loves to look crisp and well dressed. And all three love shoes (I'm thinking they get it from their Aunt Courtney!) They would walk around in nothing but a diaper.....and shoes if they could! Preston can't wait to grow into his new shoes that Aunt Courtney and Uncle Reed bought him. The girls are delighted every time Brooke, their cousin, has more shoes to hand down to them. Later in the day, we went to the annual "Baby Shower" held for all the patients of the Houston Fertility Institute. It's so neat to see all the babies born from the use of fertility treatments. Although ALL babies are miracles.....I call these extraordinary miracle babies!! And the multiples are always a blessing to watch! Last year there were about 8 sets of triplets and at least a dozen set of twins.
We had so much fun at the petting zoo! Mollie walked up to EVERY animal and started petting them. She is fearless!!! She is unaware of any danger around her. Bronson and I had to watch her very closely. I think her favorite was the Llama. She was amazed at the long neck and thick, fuzzy fur.

Elise was a little more reluctant to go up to the animals. However, she loved the chickens! She would ruffle their feathers (surprise) and tried to hold them. Apparently they were used to being handled by humans because they were very forgiving of all the children and didn't peck once. Elise sat down and spent most of her time oohing and aahing over them.

Preston was not into the animals at all! Daddy held him most of the time. He did pet the rabbit...probably because it was the most non-threatening thing there. He was okay with the goats, but was scared to death of the Llama. Mollie tried to get him to pet it. It reminded me of my brother, Jason and I, with dogs. Jason was scared of big dogs, but I was fearless. I always tried to get him to go up to them (sorry to use you like this Jason!).

All in all, it was a great time had by all. Our doctor was there and was pleased to see how nicely the kids have grown. And like every year so far, he joked with us saying now that my system has been "jump-started", watch out for baby #4. I don't think so!

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Day In the Life of Triplets

After I told my story of today to my sister-in-law, she suggested that I blog it. So here I am, spilling the events of today.....a day not too typical (thank goodness) but not occasionally unusual either. A day in the life of triplets:

This morning Bronson worked an earlier shift (from 8 to 5). He normally works from 9 to 6. So, he left the house before the kids got up. It started normal for me. A cycling class at 5:30 am, then home to shower and get ready before the kiddos woke up. Today was one of those days when the kids actually woke up a little earlier, so, I was having them run around as I blow dryed my hair and got dressed.

We finally went downstairs for our breakfast; all three wanting to sit on the counter as I made it. After constantly picking up towels, oven mits, and anything else within reach they threw down....our oatmeal was made and it was time to eat. During our meal, Elise decided to spoon her oatmeal in her hand and then proceed to lick it off. This is not a daily habit, but every once in a while she likes to transfer food from plate to hand....and sometimes back to plate before it reaches her mouth. Although Preston likes the idea of using utensils to eat, he still resorts to the faster method (grabbing a handful and stuffing his face). He then shakes his hand to rid of any leftover food residue (of course....'cause no one can stand for food to be on their hand!) And then we have Mollie....much like her momma, she has her bowl empty and ready for a second helping before her siblings can finish their first round.

Once breakfast was done, I ushered the kids in the living room to watch a little Sesame Street so I could clean the kitchen, trays and floor. After a little while, I heard a "Yay....we did it!" I rushed over to the stairs to find that Elise and Preston collectively pulled the gate down and was already halfway up the stairs. I shrugged my shoulders and thought, we might as well go up there to change clothes, brush our teeth and do some other things that needed to be done. While changing the sheets on Preston's bed (his diaper leaked the night before), I hear shattering glass. The kids were supposed to be in the playroom/office (open room at the top of the stairs) playing. However, they were all jumping on our bed! They now can open doors (obviously). Apparently, they took a huge tupperware bin, turned it over, climbed on top to get on the bed. We have a big iron candelabra right above our headboard with about 10 glass votive holders. Preston had grabbed one and threw it down between the wall and headboard. It shattered when it hit the baseboard on the wall. That's when we made a quick change of plans and went back downstairs (I'm just glad we had already changed clothes and brushed our teeth!)

Since we still had about an hour and half before lunchtime, I thought we should all pack up, go to the store to get another votive holder and some doorknob holders (to keep them from going into our bedroom without my knowledge). Once we got in Hobby Lobby, the kids went crazy! Normally they're quiet and will sometimes point to items and name them (or look up at me and ask "what's that, mamma?"). This time was completely opposite! They yelled (I was assuming they didn't want to be there). So, I went down the aisle with mirrors so they can look at themselves while I try to find the votive holder. After they calmed down, I found what I was looking for and it was time to go. At the checkout several people surrounded us (this is very normal....and it ALWAYS happens) and started asking questions: Are they triplets? How old? How do you do it? I can't imagine! What are their names? Do you have help? And my answers have always been the same. Oh they're easy! This is not a difficult task. I always go out with them! Today was a little different. I just smiled and said "Oh....we have our days!"

Normally I don't buy them ANYTHING when we're in the, they never ask. This time, Mollie desperately wanted a little plush soccer ball that was at the counter. I thought, why not? Bought that along with a football and basketball. They kept throwing them back in the bin! They're so used to not getting anything that they kept putting them back! When I finally explained to them that it was theirs, we took off.

By the time we got home, it was after their I knew they would be getting to their nap late. I didn't mind and hoped that it would allow them to sleep a little longer so I can have more time to unwind from the events of the day. No such thing. Preston only slept an hour. The girls slept for an hour and half (their naptime is usually 3 hours long!). Thank goodness Gamma, PawPaw and Uncle Reed had stopped by to take them off my hands while I ran yet another errand.

The rest of the evening consisted of us going to Conroe (meeting Bronson there) to eat with family and not getting home till late (but it was so worth it). Bronson and I finally got in bed by 12:30....only to wake up at 6:30 to do it all over again! (Except that I had a 41 mile bike ride - training for the MS 150 ride in April). With all that happened.....I wouldn't trade it for the world! I love my life with triplets. It's pure organized chaos.