Thursday, December 29, 2011

3rd Year Check Up!!!

It's that time of year again where not only do we celebrate Christmas and birthdays, but we also find out how well the kiddos are doing developmentally both physically and intellectually.

The morning started off with a bang! I'm very surprised at myself that I'm actually going to admit this (especially on here)...but we almost missed the triplets' appointment! For some reason, I kept telling myself that I scheduled it on Friday when all the while, it was scheduled today. It was on my phone calendar. It even chimed at me yesterday and this morning!! Go figure. We got there in the nick of time and was able to keep the appointment (thank God!).

Bronson has off this week so he was there to experience this neat little milestone we have every year. It was so nice to have him with me.
As always, Mollie was first. If you haven't noticed yet, I do EVERYTHING in birth order. It's easier that way (for me). Mollie did very well. Although, once we weighed everyone and recorded their height, she knew what was coming. Once we put her on the cot, she was frowning and not happy at all. But she took the shots like a champ and barely even cried. She did surprise us both on her height. She's in the 70th percentile (taller than Elise). Her weight is in the 51th percentile.

Next was Elise. We decided to keep all three of them in the same room while the others were being examined and given shots. Probably not a great idea for most people; however, it worked for us. It was originally Bronson's idea. And when the other two witnessed the one getting shots, they didn't scream or get upset. All that was said was, "They got a it's my turn". Elise did wiggle before hand. She tried to loose her way out of my arms. But after a little "talk" I had with her (basically letting her know that she's going to get's going to hurt...but it will be quick), she was okay. And just like Mollie, took both her shots like a champ. Elise is in the 51th percentile in her height and 75th percentile in her weight. Interesting since she's the pickiest eater.

And last, but certainly not least, there's Preston. Such a sweet boy. By this time, he had already seen both his sisters cry out in pain (but mostly fear) of the shots, so he was prepared. He barely cried out. And ended up laughing nervously.....just like his Momma. I always laugh in awkward or painful moments. I guess it's my release. Apparently, it's Preston's as well. I was shocked that he was only in the 27th percentile for his height. That does not make sense to me as I think of him of being tall. But then again, I am comparing him to the two children he's with all the time....his sisters. His weight did not surprise me at all. He's very skinny (and eats like a horse!). His weight is in the 50th percentile.

As for intellectually, the doctor seemed very pleased with all they were able to do. In fact, he said, "You're just the little 1st grade teacher, huh?" I took it as a compliment.

Daddy thought it would be a great idea to take the little champs to eat donuts afterward. They were such good little troopers that they deserved a small treat. We then took them home and had them ride on their tricycles for over an hour! We needed something for them to exhaust all that energy!! Needless to say, they slept soundly during the nap and Mommy and Daddy got the rest they needed as well. We made it another year!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

And the three turned three!!!

What a fun-filled, special day we had on our 3rd Birthday!!!! Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE birthdays!! I love celebrating them, I love decorating for them, and most of all, I love planning them!!! So, of course, for the triplets' 3rd birthday I was going to go all out. But not too much. Their actual birthday party is not until January, so I didn't want to overload them. That morning, when the kids came downstairs, they got to see that I had put balloons on their chairs and cooked them their favorite breakfast....pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

Instead of the usual syrup, we put whipped cream on their pancakes. Very nice surprise for them. They never had whipped cream, so it was something new that they thoroughly enjoyed!

Here's Elise enjoying her Birthday breakfast.

Preston wanted more (of course).

Another surprise was that my Aunt Becky came in from San Angelo, along with my Mommy, to visit them on their special day!!! I call her BB (since I could talk) and they call her Konka (her grandchildren's special name for her....but we couldn't let it stop there!). The kids were extremely excited.....especially Mollie. She was overcome with Konka. And for anyone that knows Mollie, that is rare. She couldn't get enough of her Great Aunt.

And the surprises just kept coming. Mom, or GaGa (what the trips call her), took all of us out to Pappasito's!! Yay! The kids were sung to and were given a HUGE chocolate sundae (I almost had a heart attack at the sight of all the SUGAR!!!).

But they enjoyed it immensely (duh!).

So I did let this one time was their special day. And to top it off, my nephew and niece, along with her husband and baby joined us! My niece now lives in El Paso, so this was a huge treat for me!! And my little great nephew is so adorable!! The kids knew him right away from all the videos they watched of him. (Gotta love technology!)

All in all it was a great time spent with family. I'm so thankful we got to see my Aunt BB and my niece, Paige, her husband, Joe and son, Ayden. I always love seeing my nephew, Tyler. He's such a joy to be around.

There's nothing like family!! And I know the kiddos had an awesome time! All day long they were singing Happy Birthday to one another (and to Jesus!!!).

Once we got home and settled down, friends of ours came over and brought them gifts for their birthday. The trips adore Taylor, Colby and Haley! And from not being able to see each other for quite some time due to conflicting schedules, you can imagine how happy they were when they came through the door. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day! Thank you to everyone who made it special for them.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Tree

Bronson and I continued my family tradition on Thanksgiving weekend by taking the kids to pick out a Christmas tree. In all of my 36 years of existence, I have yet to have an artificial tree. When Bronson and I got married, I informed him that this was a family tradition that was not negotiable. And after the first Christmas we spent together, he understood why. The aroma alone was enough to fill the whole house and your spirits with the season.

This year was extra special. It was the first time the triplets were out of their stroller to walk around and pick one out. We allowed them to fully participate on which tree that would go home with us (of course we narrowed it down to two for them). While there, we looked around at all the Christmas decor they had. One of them were giant pine cones. All three of them were enthralled with the size of the pine cones. It was quite humorous!

And just like my brothers and I did during our annual Christmas tree hunting trips, the babies ran around and hid from each other behind all the trees. They got a kick out of being in a "Christmas Tree Forest". Above is Elise and Preston hugging (apparently very happy to be there).

Once we got home, Bronson set the tree up and I put lights on it. Decorating was set for the next night.

Another tradition that began the year Bronson and I got married was the ornament and pajama tradition. This was Jimmie's (my Stepmom) tradition for her family that she continued with my dad and us. I absolutely LOVE this tradition!!! Every year, all of us kids and grandkids receives an ornament that resembles our personality, as well as pajamas (all the girls' pjs matched and all the boys' pjs matched). It was always so exciting to find out what ornament was chosen for you that year. And every year when it's time to decorate the tree, you get to pull out the previous years' ornaments and reminisce that moment when you opened it. It's just the coolest thing. I always received angel ornaments and very elegant, beautiful ornaments. Bronson always received the weirdest, strangest, and sometimes the most ugliest looking things you have ever seen! In fact, it became an inside joke with all of us....eager to see what was chosen for him that year. We will definitely continue this tradition with our kids (and have already started). This year's ornament for the kids guessed it, Toy Story!

Bronson jumped in on the decorating this year. I usually do all the decorating while our favorite Christmas movies are playing and Bronson is "directing" on where all the ornaments should go. But now that the kids are old enough to "help" decorate, he had no other choice but to help them hang their own ornaments.

It was a delight watching him as he guided each one of them where to hang their treasure.

He was so patient as he explained what the ornament was, when they received it, and who gave it to them. He also made sure they understood why you have to select sturdy branches for the heavier ornaments, no so sturdy branches for the lighter ornaments. So cute!

Believe it or not, we had to tell them only a few times not to touch the tree the first night. After that, they have given no attention that the tree is even there. Well, except for the occasional tricycle running into it by Elise. She tells me every time, "Oops, sorry Momma. I not do that again!" And yet every other day, she does it. I'm thankful that no ornaments have been broken yet!!!

I'm so thankful that my parents and Bronson's parents instilled the true meaning of Christmas in us at an early age. While it's fun to decorate, watch Christmas movies/shows, and look at all the wonderful, magical lights and ornaments that's on display practically everywhere, it's not what truly makes us happy, or even more importantly....joyous. All the traditions may give us a sense of a family bond that seem to be disintegrating every where we look; but it doesn't makes us whole. It can't fill our hearts completely. It is Christ alone that makes us whole. As Christmas Day approaches, I challenge you to reflect on the One that is the reason for this wonderful season.


This year was the first year that we spent Thanksgiving at GaGa and PawPaw's house since they've moved. We had such a nice, relaxing time (well, most of us did....Mom and I worked!).

While the women worked in the kitchen getting dinner ready, the men and kiddos watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. This was the very first time the trips have seen this parade. They were fascinated with all the floats. Daddy sat with them and pointed out all the characters. And when one broadcast went to commercial, Daddy flipped the channel to go to another one that was showing the parade. This kept them entertained for well over an hour!! (Way to go, Dad!)

Thanksgiving turkey and all the fixins' were a hit with all three babies! They thoroughly enjoyed the meal and had seconds....and thirds, and fourths (which is rare for Elise).

While they sat at the big kids' table (the huge island in the center of the kitchen), the adults sat at a nice, well dressed "adult" table. The kids felt very special with the Thanksgiving plates GaGa put out for them.

I think Preston was getting a little tired of Momma taking so many pictures. This is his, "Mom, really? I'm eating!" look. Oh sweet boy.....Momma hasn't even started!

It was so nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I love going to Mom's house. Even though there were three running, screaming, squealing toddlers carrying on, I had such a serene time. Oh how I can't wait for the Christmas party!!!