Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

It's that time of year again (already???) to head on down to the pumpkin patch!!! This summer has FLOWN by and now we find ourselves in mid-October, on our annual trip to the pumpkin patch.
 What a difference a year makes! Seems like our babies have grown overnight! As I was uploading all the pictures for the blog and family photo website, I noticed how they no longer have that baby face! It's bittersweet!
 Unlike previous years, I actually had to "talk" with the younguns about looking at the camera and SMILING!! I thought with all the pictures I take of them on a daily basis, they would be used to it. They're not. As most 3-almost-4-year-olds are, they were just wanting to play and have a good time!
  We were so very blessed upon arriving at our local pumpkin patch. Two families approached us, giving us their coupons to ride on the train and hay ride and also to jump in the bounce houses and obstacle courses. We didn't need to purchase any!!
 Mollie climbed all over the pumpkins and wanted to be "on top of  the world"! Elise tried so hard to keep up with her. She then decided staying on the ground was her thing.
 Preston definitely climbed the mountain of pumpkins, but quickly was discovered that he was getting dirty and it wasn't worth it!
 It seems like we were just here not too long ago.
 The kids really enjoyed themselves. In the picture below, they were waiting on the hay ride to begin.
 Preston looks more and more like his daddy every day!
 We treated them to snow cones, suckers, candy, juice and just about anything that contained any type of sugar. Yes, we were asking for it.
 After the long day, we asked each of them what they liked best.....the obvious answer was the bounce houses.
 They had such a blast! Bronson and I had a blast just watching them.
 Elise fell in LOVE with these little houses. She kept talking about them until we finally pulled their little choo-choo wagon over to them for her to check them out.
 Of course we drew a crowd (as we often do in public). It's neat to know the uniqueness of having triplets is still fresh!! I know those days will be long gone once they get older. So, we cherish them every moment we can.