Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our First Movie!!!

Yes, you read the headline right.....the triplets' first movie! I thought they were too young for movies (until they were 4 or 5)...but it came a surprise to me they were ready for one particular movie.

It all started with a plush Woody doll that was bought for Preston on their 2nd birthday (thank you Kisha!). After a few months of Preston playing with it, the girls took notice. Interestingly, all three of them became intrigued with this doll. So I wondered how they would respond to the movie, Toy Story.

All I can say is, "WOW!!!!" Absolutely unbelievable! It's a whole new phenomenon to them. Not only did we pick up the first Toy Story, but we had to go back and get #2 and GaGa picked up #3 for us. The second and third one is the one they watch the most. And they can just about say every work verbatim!

After hearing this and how crazy they were over Woody....GaGa (also know as Grandma, my mom) had to buy them their first original Woody dolls. They went wild over them! They sleep with them, carry them everywhere they go, and even set him on the dining room table so he can eat too!
I thought they might try another movie so they're not watching one of the Toy Story movies all the time. Nope....not interested. All they want to watch is Woody, Buzz, and Jesse.

The one who is most enthralled with Woody is Preston. He's so amazingly cute showing me all the things that his Woody doll can do (ride the scooter, jump on the couch, walk around the house, etc.) Thank goodness this doll has an off switch as Preston wants him in bed every night.

Needless to say, their 3rd birthday party theme just may be Toy Story. Now we just need to incorporate all the other characters into their imaginative play.

Big Girls and Boy!!!

Last month we experienced a lot of different changes. One of them being....toddler beds!!! Well, only for the girls. Preston can't quite crawl in and out of his we thought it would be easier on me to leave him in his crib until we knew for sure he was ready for the toddler bed (and we could train the girls to stay in their's).

Mollie and Elise both were SO excited to see their new "big girl" beds (as they call it). And like all toddlers of this wonderful age do, they climbed in and out, jumped up and down, threw everything out and then back in the bed. Pure chaos for the first week or so!

It's interesting to see how well we've trained them on their sleep habits. So far, they don't dare get out of their beds in the evening. They know it's time for sleep and they normally don't play. On the other hand, naptime has become somewhat of a novelty. It has gotten to the point of me sitting in the room, by the door for about 20 to 30 minutes waiting on them to go to sleep. At first I viewed it as a little bit of an inconvenience for me. It takes away precious "Mommy Time" of which I utilize to clean, work on my quilt, read my book, etc. (you get the picture). But now, I've realized this time can be used for reading my emails, reviewing my calendar, write out a grocery list...pretty much anything that doesn't cause a lot of distraction and I can do sitting down in their room.

Bless Preston's little heart! He loves the girls' beds and I know he wants his changed too. But right now, I can't imagine having to sit between both of their rooms, trying to watch all three. I know it's coming.....I'm just trying to slow it down a bit.

Not only did we change the beds....we changed the swings! They finally got comfortable enough to allow me to swing them on the "big kids' swings". For over two years now, we've had the baby/toddler swings. It was a hassle for Bronson and I to pick them up and put them in and then of course when they were done, we had to pull them out. Now, they just get on the swings themselves, and then call out to me to come swing them! They haven't quite figured out the "pumping" technique of swinging. But I'm showing them as quick as I can!!

Seems like every day there is something new for them and for me to experience (them experiencing the world and me experiencing them). I'm enjoying them so much! Once again, God knew what He was doing giving Bronson and me three at a time....but much later in life. We both take the time to teach and train them in everything we possibly can (and as much as their little minds can understand). They are our little world. We can't imagine anything different.

Six Week Update on Elise

Elise had a follow up visit with her cardiologist on August 16th (I know, I'm a little late). The appointment was to find out if the device had moved, if there were any concerns I had, and just to review Elise's overall condition. She had an EKG, as well as an ECHO. No murmur was found and everything was awesome!!! Although I knew in my heart the report already, it was nice to hear it confirmed.

The appointment went well; however, the timing was a huge ordeal. Usually I leave Mollie and Preston at home while Elise and I go alone. This time, I thought it would be fun for Mollie and Preston to go with us (and I would get to spend more time with my mom). Of course the one time I decide to have them tag along, the doctor's office was backed up!! It normally takes us exactly an hour to wait, see him and leave. It was THREE hours this time! And on top of the wait, he wanted Elise to have an X-ray (just in case). That took another half hour. Despite the craziness of roaming the huge hospital (almost getting lost)...two hours late for lunch...and no nap, the kids did amazing!!

As if I didn't have enough going on already, I thought going to the McDonald's at the Museum of Natural Science would be a good idea. What was I thinking??? The kids were okay with looking at the butterflies from the outside (instead of going into the exhibit). Everything else was seen the same way....from the outside. But at least I know where to take them when everyone else is back at school!

Overall, it was a good, but hectic day. Of course it was.....Elise is better than ever!