Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Our little Preston is now off his IV!!!! I had been at the NICU all day today (duh!) and then came home when Bronson got off work. We ate dinner and then went back up there after the nurses shift change. When I walked in, I noticed right away. The line was gone! Praise God!!! Also, our little guy weighs more than his birth weight! How cool is that? He is now 3 lbs 9.7 oz. Wonderful! Mollie has been gaining as well. She's up to 4lbs 1 oz. Elise is now at 3 lbs 14 oz. So, they're all gaining weight which is one of the requirements for coming home. Oh...and one more thing....the girls are now roomies! They were both moved to the same incubator. When Preston is ready, they will all move to the same crib. I can't wait!

On Sunday, we were informed that Elise has a heart murmur. Later that afternoon, technicians came by to do an EKG on her. I got to hold her throughout the whole thing. She did so well. I was very proud of our dainty little girl. They also did an ultrasound on her heart yesterday. Today we were told she has PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosis). Not a big deal. A lot of babies have this. It's a hole in the heart. It normally closes on it's own a week or two after birth. If it doesn't before her discharge date, then the neonatologist will refer us to a Pediatric Cardiologist for further review. We're not worried at all because our God is on His throne and He's not shaken by this. So....why should we be???

Once again, I am overwhelmed by God. He is so good. And it's not because of how the babies are doing or that He gave me the desire of my heart. It's because He is who He says He is. And He will do what He says He will do. And in the middle of all of this, He's showing His glory. There's a work going on in the NICU and the staff. I can't explain it. This is bigger than me. Bigger than the babies. It's about people's lives being changed for His glory. All I can say is that you never know how you will affect people; especially when you talk about Jesus. Doors are opened, hearts are healed, and hope is found.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Some Pics

Well...I have a short time to post some pictures of our precious little ones. I was finally able to get some much needed sleep last night. It is so easy to over do it. Bronson and I will be at the NICU by 10:30 today. From top to bottom, Mollie, Elise and Preston.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Burcham Triplets Have Arrived!!!

The Burcham triplets are here!! On December 23, 2008, Mollie, Elise and Preston made their first debut. They arrived at 3:41, 3:42 and 3:43 pm. Mollie was the first weighing in at 4 lbs, 3 oz. Elise was the second, weighing 3 lbs, 15 oz. And Preston was the third, weighing 3 lbs, 7 oz. They were all about 16 inches. It was quite a shock (for me, at least) to see them so soon.

Before I begin, I would like to say THANK YOU to all our wonderful family and friends who have called, text, left messages, PRAYED, and visited us. The outpouring of love has been extremely overwhelming and very humbling. For those of you I have yet to call back, I will. Please give me some time. I'm sorry I haven't been able to talk to everyone. Bronson is trying to get back with all of you as well. We've just been so enamored with our three precious ones that time has literally come to a stop for us.

Okay....now that I have that out of the way, I can begin to tell you what happened. As of my last post, we were waiting on the results of my urine collection that was turned in on Monday, December 22nd. I received a call Tuesday, December 23rd at 11:00 am from my doctor stating that my protein levels did escalate and at a dangerous level. He didn't want to wait until after (or during) the holidays before delivering. He told me I would be having the babies at 3:30 that day. Needless to say, I was not ready to hear that news. As soon as I informed Bronson, my mom and I were on our way. We tried to call as many people as we could. Certain people were to let others know. I was at the hospital by noon (Bronson was already there!). At that time, they took me in and prepped me for surgery. Since I was at risk for seizures (or worse, heart attack), I was put on magnesium sulfate. This is a smooth muscle relaxer. So, in addition to all the other meds they were pumping in me, I had this other to deal with. The surgery itself only lasted about 10-15 minutes. The OR, Labor and Delivery, and NICU staff are AMAZING!!! My mom got to film the delivery and the NICU nurses brought the babies to me and Bronson after each birth. I got to kiss them before they were sent to the NICU!! How awesome is that?? I am so blessed.

By 9:00 pm, I got to see those three bundles of joy. I was able to hold Preston. So exciting!! The only downfall is recovery. Having a C-section is not for wimps!! Well.....having a baby period is not for wimps! I felt like I had a little bit of a hard time recovering. So, for all of those who called within 24-48 hours of delivery.....I have no idea what I said to you! Not only that, the constant talking ended up making me sick. My mom became extremely protective of me during that time. Like always, I started over doing it. Well....I wanted to make sure I got to talk to everyone. Unfortunately, it started costing me more than I could afford.

Okay, enough about me...all about the babies. They all three are amazing!! The girls had to go on CPAP.....but our little boy didn't have to go on anything! And he was the smallest of the three!! He's our little fighter. And active! Boy....I'm thinking he may be a little hyper like his momma! Poor Bronson! Anyway...the girls were off their CPAP by the next morning. Mollie had her breathing tube taken out by noon. They are all three on feeding tubes as they have not learned to suck yet. They were all three on IV's; however, the girls were recently taken off. Apparently their veins can only handle the IV for so long before they give out. So, when that happens, a PICC line needs to be placed. This is a central line that is inserted up their leg or through their arm. I had to sign the consent on Mollie Friday morning. I was not a happy camper, but after watching the NP (nurse practitioner) try an IV in Mollie's head three different times, it was all I could do. Since the PICC line is a sterile procedure, I had to leave. Well, they ended up not being able to do it. So, the only other option was to increase her feedings and see if they will replenish her fluid intake. It's not ideal for the nurses, but I believe she is just ready to "graduate" to the next step! So far, she's been doing excellent. And just think, she hasn't had an IV since Thursday night. The same thing happened to Elise Saturday morning. Bronson had to sign the consent this time. But, just like Mollie, the PICC line didn't work on Elise either. They have now increased her feedings as well. Unlike the staff....I'm viewing this as a very positive thing! I know these babies are a work of God (all babies are) and I believe they are here to show God's glory! They already have amazed the staff there. I'm not surprised.....our God is incredible!!

Now, as for them coming home....the doctors usually say around their original due date (Feb. 17th) is when we can expect them to be taken home. However, they are doing wonderful! So, I'm thinking they will only have to be there 3 weeks from their delivery date which will be January 13th. I'm believing God for that. It would be God showing off if they come home before then.

I promise I will post pictures soon. We just got home Saturday night (very emotional) and I had to crash. In fact, I shouldn't be on the computer right now, but I know there's a lot of you that want to know updates. Now that I'm back to answering my phone....please call if you would like to come visit the babies. I will be there pretty much everyday, all day. The staff does have a shift change from 6:30 to 7:30; so the NICU is closed during that time. That's a.m. and p.m. Other than that, you're more than welcome to drop by. Please understand that if you have children under 16, they can't come back to see them. Also, if you have any type of cold or virus...especially with fever, you will not be allowed to go back there. That's for the safety of our trips, as well as all the other preemies in the NICU.

Once again, thank you for all the prayers. Bronson and I have felt them every waking moment. I can't think of any other way to pay you back but to pray for you. Please feel free to let me know what I can pray for you for and I will....with a fervent prayer!! God bless!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Quick Update

I have not heard from the doctor's office today. The "collection" was turned in at noon and nothing has come from it. I have an appointment tomorrow at 3, so maybe I'll hear something then. Thank you again for all your prayers.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

YIKES!!! D-Day could be right around the corner (but let's hope not!)

Well.....I'm sure a lot of you would like to know the update on my "special" collection I had to give the doctor. I received a call yesterday from my doctor stating that in fact, there were elevated protein levels in my urine. Bummer! But the good news is that it's only a mild case of preeclampsia. Apparently, for mild cases, your level of protein would be anywhere from over 300 to 1999. Mine was 470. Not too bad. So, here's the plan. After he talked with my high risk doctor, they decided to give me a steroid shot yesterday and today (exactly 24 hours later). This will aide in the development of the babies' lungs in the event I will have to deliver early. Beginning on Sunday afternoon, I will then do another 24 hour urine collection (yay me!). If the levels have increased, coupled with an increasing blood pressure....there will be a possibility they will take the babies Monday or Tuesday. I'll be 32 weeks. Although the usual term for triplets is 32 weeks, I'm praying for longer. I've known 2 people in my life (very dear to my heart) that delivered triplets past 36 weeks and they were able to take their babies home with them. So, it is possible. I also know several women who delivered their triplets anywhere from 26 weeks and 32 weeks and their babies spent several weeks to several months in the NICU. My heart just aches for them. But God is good and their babies are healthy.

Either way, I have to believe I have done everything in my power to keep these babies in and healthy. I know in the beginning I didn't grasp what an awesome journey God was sending me on. It wasn't until one Wednesday night in August that it was revealed to me that anything I do directly affects these precious little ones. So, from that point on, it was my mission as a mother-to-be to begin my ministry.....Ministry of Motherhood. Like a fierce fighter, I have done exactly what was asked of me from eating well and eating a lot to resting and taking it easy. I had to give up a few things that I love for something far greater....but isn't that what motherhood is all about? It's a special title that I have longed for since I was little. And now God, in His endless mercy and grace has given it to me. Not for it to be all my own.....but for me to share it with others because I know....they are first His precious little ones before they're mine. And whatever is in the palm of His hands is what I accept. For He knows far better than I do what I can handle and what I can't. This is not only a lesson in love, but in hope and trust. I'm just so thankful that He's allowing me to experience it.

So, was I fearful at first of all the what-ifs? Of course. But then I realized that perfect love casts out all fear.

Before I end this post for today, I want to let everyone know, even the anonymous, that I appreciate all the comments and words of encouragement you're leaving. It has helped tremendously in lifting my spirits. It's great to know that I have people....even people who I don't know pulling for me. You are truly a blessing. I can only hope to return the favor one day.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

31 Weeks

I am now 31 weeks!! Yay! Yesterday was my regular weekly doctor's visit. Well...it turned out to be an all day event. They split my appointment into 2. I had the ultrasound at 10:00 am. Again, the biophysicals were done on all babies. The two girls passed with flying colors, but the boy did not want to cooperate and show us his "breathing". After an hour and a half (yes, that long on my back), Julie, the radiologist, had to give him a 0. He failed his first test! Bless his little heart. She said not to worry about it. If I was further along, then it would be cause for concern. But because I'm only 31 weeks, it's okay. He will have to do much better in 2 weeks. After that, mom and I went to eat. The second half of the appointment was at 1:45. For the second week in a row, my blood pressure was elevated. This time, it was 140/92. That's pretty high. Dr. G tested it again after I settled down a little bit. It went down to 137/89. He was a little concerned although I didn't have any protein in my urine (which would indicate preeclampsia). So....he sent me to the labor and delivery for further testing. They took several viles of blood; checked my blood pressure at least 4 times (3 times it was still elevated, one time it was normal: 116/65 - I was laying on my side at that point). After spending what felt like an eternity there, they finally released me. I do have to "collect" my urine for a 24 hour period. Sorry to be so specific...but it's the joy of being pregnant with multiples. I'm praying they find no protein and nothing else that would determine this is preeclampsia. If it is, then I will probably have to be admitted in the hospital until I deliver. I would not want that. I still have tons of stuff to do at home (not that it's more important than my or the babies' health). I would just rather take care of everything this week before anything happens so it won't be a burden on anyone else.
I hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas season so far. I apologize ahead of time for not sending our cards out or keeping in touch with a lot of you. For those that I have received cards from, thank you. It has brightened up my day. I appreciate it!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Doctor Visit

Great news! Everything is going wonderfully! Dr. Rowe is so pleased with how I'm doing and how the babies are growing. Babies A and C are just about 4 pounds and Baby B is about 3. So, I have approximately 11 pounds of baby in me right now (and that's not including the placentas or amnio fluid). Crazy! I was hoping for at least 3 1/2 pounds on all. I was a little concerned that Baby B was only 3 pounds...but Dr. Rowe said she is right on schedule. He was ecstatic that the other two were almost 4. Either way....I'm happy. Mollie has her mamma's thighs. Poor girl! He did say she had a full head of hair (that's from her daddy). Looks like Elise doesn't have any hair.....just like me when I was born. It's neat to see how they're already taking after us. Our son likes to suck is two middle fingers and Mollie is sucking her thumb. I would really like for Elise to catch up on her weight gain. So, if you're wanting something to pray for, pray for that. It's important to me that they're all born well over 4 pounds. They have been practicing their breathing. And in the next couple of weeks, they will develop the ability to regulate their body temperature. Then we just need to make sure they can suck; and given that two of the babies were seen sucking their fingers or thumb, I'm hoping this is not too far off a goal for them to accomplish.

I'm okay with carrying them as long as God will allow me. There's no doubt that I have felt uncomfortable at times. But nothing bad enough for me to want them to be born too early. I would rather go through anything to make sure they have an advantage when they enter this world. I ask God for strength for another day, another week. I know this is nothing compared to what lies ahead of Bronson and I. This is the easy part. But God is faithful. He amazes me everyday. It's incredible what His creation (the human body) can do. I know after this, I will never be the same....inside and out.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

30 Weeks - Another Milestone!

Another milestone! I'm finally 30 weeks! I'm so happy. Now I have at least 2 more milestones...32 weeks and 34 weeks. I had my regular weekly doctors appointment on Monday. Everything was fine. I did have a little bit higher blood pressure this time: 124/90. That has never happened before. But it didn't seem to bother Dr. G. I haven't dilated. Yay! And the contractions have slowed a lot since Thanksgiving week. I think I'm finally in the set of mind where I'm ready for them to arrive. But of course I want to keep them in as long as possible. I did notice slight swelling in my right foot and ankle. Very strange. The left is fine. Oh well.

Oh....Bronson and I did get a little bit of a treat this last visit. The radiologist was able to do a 3D/4D picture of Mollie. Everyone advised me not to get it only because with 3 babies, it wouldn't be worth it. I would be paying for nothing. Anyway, she just wanted to see if it would go through. It did somewhat. It's at the top of this blog. Look for the brightest part of the picture....that would be her nose. Then follow up to her eyelids in the upper left hand corner. She has her Daddy's nose.

I get to go to Dr. Rowe (high risk) tomorrow. I am so excited!!! I really look forward to seeing him. And we'll get an update on how big the babies are. I'm hoping they're all over 3.5 pounds. That would be wonderful!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

29 Weeks

I was 29 weeks on Tuesday, December 2nd. I apologize for not writing anything until now. At my last visit, Monday December 1st, we found that everything is still great. I have not dilated, the contractions are slowing a bit and the babies are all doing well. I had a much better week than Thanksgiving. That week was really hard on me. I'm glad it's over. This week, December 9th, I'll be 30 weeks! I feel like I'm approaching a milestone. I'm so excited!! I have an appointment with Dr. Rowe (high risk) on Thursday. I can't wait! I will get to find out how big the babies are and a more detailed report on how they're doing. I really look forward to those appointments. As for my measurements.....my waist is now 45 1/2 inches! I never thought I could stretch that far.

Well....that's it for now. I'm still holding out for 36 weeks. And God willing, it looks like we're on our way!