Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Update on Elise

Elise's cardiology appointment (downtown) was yesterday, May 17th. This appointment was to evaluate her for the procedure that her (local) cardiologist recommended. For those who don't know, Elise has a Patent Ductus Arteriosis. This is the valve that usually closes once a baby is born. It's right above the left chamber of the heart and aids in the blood flow for unborn children. The condition is very common. Usually if the valve doesn't close upon birth, it does around age 2. Well, Elise's hasn't closed yet. Her murmur is pretty strong.....strong enough for her cardiologist to be somewhat concerned to refer her to a colleague of his to do a particular procedure to close the valve.

So, we went downtown yesterday to have an EKG and ECHO done on her heart. The tests found that the left chamber of her heart has "mildly" enlarged. Basically her heart is working overtime to pump through a valve that shouldn't be opened. Therefore, we decided to go ahead and have the procedure. She will have a heart catheter enter in her groin area, up through an artery/vein that will reach her heart. Inside the catheter is one of the two devices that can be used to "plug" up the valve. (They will choose which device when they get a better visual of her heart). The procedure is very common. I believe they are done a lot. Of course there are risks, but the risk of not doing it outweigh the procedure itself. It will take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. We were told they would keep her overnight for observation. We have a date set for June 29th (on a Wednesday).

I don't know if it's because the doctors have made me feel comfortable of their ability to do the procedure or if it's God's peace.....but I don't have any concerns. I'm sure it's the latter. If anything, I'm excited for our baby girl!! The doctor assured me that we will begin to see a difference in her energy level about a few weeks after the plug is in place. Watching her trying to keep up with Mollie and Preston is heartbreaking at times. She gets so tired so easily. And often times she would rather sit inside or with me than to run around with them. This is not an everyday issue....just enough that I notice.

Bronson and I ask you to join us in lifting Elise up, as well as the doctors, in prayer. I know she's in God's hands. Ultimately, she belongs to Him.....and she's only ours for this life.