Saturday, February 28, 2009


I'm finally able to post something! Last Monday's vaccinations did take a toll on the babies. It was somewhat of a hard week. But the good news is....they have all gained weight! Well of course they did.....they are growing in the admonition of the Lord! Here are the totals (drum roll, please)...Mollie is now 8 lbs 6 oz and she is 19 1/2". Elise is 8lbs and she is 19 3/4". And our big boy Preston is 8 lbs 10 oz and 21". I'm so proud of them!!

Not much else going on right now. It looks like they're getting close to sleeping through the night...which is crazy! I would be so happy when they get to that point. I'm trying to get a photo shoot for their birth announcements now that they look like full term babies.

Spring is around the corner and that means I'll be able to start taking them out more! I'm so excited!! I feel like I've been under house arrest. But I know it's for the best. If they catch even the slightest cold, it could turn into something much worse. I really don't want that to happen.

That's about it. I should have more pics posted soon.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Having A Ball!!

Not much to update today. Just having a blast! My sister-in-law came down this week to help. She's a huge help!!

Mollie's little diaper rash got pretty bad, so we had to take her back to the doctor yesterday. They weighed her and she is now 8 pounds! She's the one sleeping in the picture. Preston is on the right looking bright eyed. And Elise is on the left. We have our vaccinations on Monday. They will all get weighed then. They're getting so big. We are now out of the preemie diapers and into the newborn. But I don't know how long that will last. They can start wearing 0-3 month old clothes now.

I can't wait until RSV season is over!! I'm ready to get out with them. We've been to the store a couple of times. We've only had a few people wanting to see them. We always have a blanket covering their carrier. I can't run the risk of them getting a cold or the flu. It seems like it's running rampant this season. to get back to the babes. They're ready for Momma to pay attention to them.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm Loving It!!!

Today is one of the many days I get to say, "I LOVE being a mom!!" I'm having a great time! I know they won't all be this way. But I do know I will have more of these days than the bad ones.
I'm starting to get the hang of things now. Some of you have been wondering how do I feed 3 babies all at the same time when I'm by myself. Well, just to let you know, I took a picture of how. The crib mattress is elevated so the babies are not laying flat. I prop their heads up and then prop their bottles with the receiving blankets. I watch them closely and one by one, I burp them. I try not to let them take more than half an ounce before burping them. Thanks to my mom-in-law who showed me how (who also has twins)...I can now feed all 3 babies at the same time!!
Right now, I'm cleaning house, washing clothes and getting ready for the weekend. Preston and Mollie are asleep. Elise wanted to stay awake. So, I have her in a Baby Bjorn baby carrier that keeps her in front of me. She's cleaning with mommy. I guess she doesn't mind getting carried all around the house.'s time to get back to work.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Weigh In

The babies had another weigh in today at the pediatrician. All I can say is UNBELIEVABLE! I can't believe how much they weigh now. It's crazy! Mollie is now 7 pounds; Elise is 6 lbs 10 oz; and Preston is a whopping 7 lbs 4 oz!!! They have all gained a pound in one week. They are getting so big. And they are only 7 weeks today.

Everything else is going great. Preston did have his circumcision today. It broke my heart! But he did very well as a baby can do going through something like that. I got to be in the room with him holding his hands. I'm just thankful it's all over with.

That's about it for now. I'll try to post pictures later this week.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quick Update

The kiddos had their doctor's appointment yesterday. They had to get their Hepatitis B shot. They didn't do bad at all. In fact, they just cried shortly and then it was all over. I think they did better than mommy. They did get their weekly weigh in. Are you ready?????? Drum roll please: Mollie is 6 lbs. 3 oz; Elise 5 lbs. 11 oz; Preston 6 lbs 2 oz!!! I'm so proud of them! Preston looks huge! I was looking at him today and just knew he grew 3 inches in the last couple of days. Crazy!

Monday, February 2, 2009

One Week Down, The Rest of My Life To Go!!!

Well...I'm sure most of you want to know how the first week went with triplets at home. It's interesting to say the least! We had our first doctor's appointment last Tuesday. They all did very well. Mollie is now 5 lbs 9 1/2 oz; Elise is 5 lbs, 5 oz; and Preston is 5 lbs, 6 oz. Big babies!! We have to start them on vitamins. They were just taking iron.

Bronson took off a week to be with us and both grandmas stayed for the fun. My mom ended up leaving on Wednesday to go home (I made her go). She hadn't been home in over 3 weeks. What a trooper! By Friday night, I fell really ill. I couldn't keep anything down and I was running a low grade fever. Not a good thing when you're a mother of triplets.
Then as if Elise was feeling my pain, she too didn't do so well. She started eating less and tiring out quickly just like she did in the NICU. It concerned me a lot. But we laid hands on her and called the God that gave her to us to heal her. He did. By Sunday morning, she was back to her old self. In fact, she was eating a lot more. God is so good and He is faithful.
My wonderful husband and his faithful mom hung in there for almost 48 hours doing all the feeding, burping, changing, etc. while I got some rest (still, not a lot as I was up most of the time being sick). While I'm on the subject, I need to let everyone know how awesome my mom and mother-in-law are. My mom has stayed with me since the second week of my bed rest. She has waited on me hand and foot. She has not only cooked, cleaned and ran errands for me, she also completed much needed projects that I was in the middle of doing when I got pregnant. She is simply amazing. She has stayed with me through thick and thin. She has protected me from tiring out and overdoing it. And that's a difficult job. She has been my chauffeur, my confidant and most of all, my best friend. I will never be able to pay her back for all she has done for me. But I know she will get her reward in heaven. She is a true servant of the Most High.
My mother-in-law has done so much for us. She has taken up the slack where we couldn't. She stayed with Elise in the NICU several nights into the wee hours to love her to health. Only a "Gamma" could do that. She took care of not only the babies this past weekend, but her son and daughter-in-law as well. The best thing is she did it all with grace that only God could provide. I know it's Him working through her. She has been staying with us since Elise and Preston has come home and not gone home yet. She is sacrificing time with her husband and 13 month old granddaughter to help us out. I know that is extremely selfless of her. She too is a true servant of the Most High.
I'm blessed beyond belief. Tears come to my eyes to think of all that everyone has done for us. Prayed for us. Supported us. I'm so overwhelmed by love. And in my most tiring moments (especially since the babies did not sleep during feedings at all today), I know that love conquers all. It is only love that is getting me through. It's not easy, but I am enjoying it (the ups as well as the downs).