Friday, September 10, 2010

Catching Up - June - 18 month Photo Shoot

Can you believe it? The trips are already 18 months old!!! Time is flying by so fast. Everyone (or at least every mother) told me it would. But I had no idea it would be the speed of light!

Mom and I took the babies for their 18 month photo shoot. We decided we would bring all the props and make sure we used them! We thought, "Surely now that they're 18 months it will be SO much easier, right?" Boy.....were we delusional! I think we had it easier when they were 6 months.....or better yet, 9 months (when I went alone!). Nevertheless, we got it done and the pictures turned out beautifully. Of course, they are the cutest babies in the world!!

Oh Miss Mollie! She is such a handful! I know if I had her first.....she may have been the only child we would ever have. Although she is a challenge, ironically, she is the most obedient. It's interesting to watch her, too. When she enters the room, she demands attention. She doesn't have to do much to get it though. Most people are drawn in by her personality. She's very hard to overlook or ignore. She keeps us entertained.

Our sweet Elise! Or as Bronson calls her, "Baby Girl". She is the sweetest thing on earth! Her smile can lighten a darkened room. She's definitely Mollie's polar opposite. She doesn't demand anything but affection. She's a Momma's girl all the way (however, recently, she's starting to cling to Daddy). She freely gives her toys away instead of hoarding them. And she TALKS A LOT! Whether its gibberish or actual words, she's constantly going. Hmmmm.....I wonder where she got that from???? Elmo is her favorite toy, character, playmate, etc. You'll see him in the group picture. She doesn't go anywhere without her Elmo.

And then there's our special little guy, Preston! Of course you would know that he has me wrapped around his little finger. I think every mom of boys has that something special with their son(s). His smile is contagious. You can't help but laugh every time he gives that open-mouthed, toothy grin. And laid back......boy, he is made just like his father. However, every once in a while, he gets a little frustrated when he can't seem to get a toy to work. I would even go as far as saying I believe he will be mechanically inclined. He loves ALL boy toys. Trucks, cars, airplanes, name, he loves it. If it makes a loud noise, all the better. And the best thing about my little boy getting older.....he's starting to outgrow the shyness he had several months earlier. He doesn't hide himself as much anymore.

Once again I'm in awe of how wonderfully blessed we are. God is amazing!!!

Catching Up - June

We had our share of excitement in June as well. We bought our first "new-to-us" family van! I don't know how many times I said it in the past, but I thought I would NEVER buy a minivan!!! Guess what? Never say never.

After looking at countless vehicles that would suit our needs, a minivan was the only practical solution. Because SUV's take up more room, use more gas, and their doors open instead of slide, we decided that would not be the best vehicle for us. We needed something that would seat at least 7 passengers, have fold down chairs (captains chairs as a second row and bench as a third), plenty of cargo space, and a few bells and whistles (tv/dvd player, leather seating, low mileage). It wasn't until several weeks of searching that my father-in-law found the van that was meant for me (specifically me).
Although I had been looking at white, gray, or black vehicles....I settled for fiery red! It just suited me best. I thought, "If I'm going to drive a minivan.....I might as well be flashy!"
I have to say, it's the best vehicle I have ever owned (and that's including my Mustang). I do miss my little sports car, but this is just so much better!!! More than I could have ever asked for, it has all the bells and whistles....and then some. God truly does go beyond all that we ask for. And the best part is....the babies LOVE it!

Catching Up - Late May - "FIRSTS"

After our scare with Elise's trip to the hospital, Mollie developed something similar on her thigh. Thank you, Lord that it didn't get as serious. The doctor's office was able to take care of it and after being on her 10 day dose of antibiotics, we haven't had another episode with either of them.

The rest of the month was filled with several "firsts". It was the first time the triplets have ever been in a pool; we had our first (of many) beach day inside; and we had our first long trip to Dallas to celebrate our cousin, Titus' FIRST birthday!!

Below is Mollie, Elise, and Preston's first time in the pool:
As most would have guessed, Mollie LOVED it! In fact, she was already going under the water! I had to teach her (quickly) how to hold her breath. She couldn't get enough. When it came time to leave, she made sure everyone knew she was not ready.

Elise was a different story. She liked the "idea" of the pool, but didn't like to experience that idea! She clung to me most of the time which made it a little difficult to play with Mollie and Preston. I'm just grateful they didn't mind me staying with Elise. By the end of summer, the water was growing on her.

And then there's Preston. He's a mixed between Mollie and Elise. He loved it....but after a while, he was tired of it. He liked to splash everyone around him more than "swimming". By the end of the hour, he was ready to go home.
Below is our first "Beach Day Inside". They all thought it was hysterical that mom would put the swimming pool inside the house....not to mention blow bubbles all around them. We brought our pails and shovels and pretended to dig everywhere.

We also thought it was fun to dump just about every toy in the pool just to throw them out again.

They were all smiles. Needless to say, we had "Beach Day" almost every day from that moment on. It was nice since the weather was too hot to be outside. (And I couldn't go to the pool by myself).
They all love the little pails that Aunt Courtney and Uncle Reed had given them earlier this year for Easter.
Preston was always wanting to touch the camera. He's about done with that phase. Now he just says "cheese" every time I get it out. He's such a ham!

Then we took a long trip (twice as long as going to GaGa's house) up to Dallas to celebrate the trips' cousin, Titus, first birthday. Below is Titus blowing out his candle.

We had so much fun! It was a great day to have a party outside. The trips were excited to see all of their family (with a couple of new members added this year).
We stayed the night with my brother, Tommy and his wife, Gina. Somehow, we were able to get the trips' picture with their newly one year old cousin, Titus. It was a great time!!!

Catching Up - Early May

Wow! It's been a crazy few months in the Burcham household!! Well, crazy enough for me not to post anything. I'll have to start where I left off.

The Monday following Mother's Day, I noticed what appeared to be the beginning of a boil on Elise's rear end. By Tuesday evening, it grew so much that it caused great concern for both Bronson and I. Wednesday morning, I took her to our Pediatrician (while Gamma watched Mollie and Preston) and was immediately sent to the ER at St. Luke's Hospital!!!

In the ER, the doctor had to lance the staph infected boil and then admit her for a two night stay. Elise did extremely well considering the circumstances. It was very difficult for me to watch the staff perform surgery on her with absolutely NO anesthetics!! They gave her something to keep her from moving....but as for pain, there wasn't anything they could do. She didn't scream....just moaned. Bless her little heart! Which....speaking of her heart....that also posed some obstacles in her healing. Because she still has the PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosis), we were VERY conscientious of the danger the staph would cause if it reached her heart. Thank didn't get that far.

By Friday, she was released with a 10 day dose of antibiotics, new soap, and an Elmo. GaGa (also known as Grandma) came to stay with us in the hospital and brought a special present for Elise......Elmo.

GaGa did more than be a support for me....she was Elise's security during this stressful time. I had other issues to tend to and I knew that Elise could sense the toll everything was taking on me.
And as always.....God turned something so terrible into something so beautiful. Both GaGa and I believe that her and Elise's relationship has grown a very special bond that is evident everytime they're reunited. Thank you to everyone that prayed for us....not just for Elise's health, but also for Bronson and I. We really appreciate it!