Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Well, I'm finally getting caught up! I've decided to only update the blog and no longer update my Facebook page (unless it's posting the link to the blog). With the triplets getting older and becoming more active and me being given more contract work throughout the year, it's just easier to keep track of one social media. So, I have chosen the blog! (I know a lot of family that does not have Facebook accounts are happy!)

 This year, we celebrated two Thanksgivings! We decided to host Thanksgiving on Wednesday evening with my dad. It was the first time I cooked a turkey (ever) and I will have to admit, it was delicious!! (Thank you, Pinterest, for your tasty recipes).

The day started off with a bang! After the kids and I saw Bronson off to work, we hit the floor running! We were all nonstop cleaning. We had a few rough days the week before and didn't get any cleaning done, so it all had to be done that day (in addition to all the cooking!). But we had a wonderful time. The kids were amazing! I didn't require them to take a nap. Instead, they would run all over the house, dancing, singing and enjoying themselves. Dad arrived around 2 pm and stayed in the kitchen with me while I cooked. I loved every minute of it!

 I would dirty a dish; he would clean it! The kids would run in the kitchen; he would run after them! They squealed when he started after them and then run back for more.
 Dinner wasn't ready until 7 pm (there were several delays). But it all worked out. Bronson ended up having to work until 5 pm, so he didn't get home till a little after 6 pm.
 The kids ate really well. We topped it off with Paula Deen's banana pudding (ice cream for the kids). It wasn't long before the kids ended up going to sleep. They were exhausted! Dad, Bronson and I kicked back on the couch and watched a movie. Overall, I would say it was a success!
 Usually, we take turns on whose house we go to for Thanksgiving. Last year, it was my mom's place. So this year, it was my in-laws. We did Thanksgiving with a twist this year. Due to the overflow of out-of-town family coming over and the two recent deaths in our family, we decided to go out to eat.
 The kids were delighted that they got to choose exactly what they wanted to eat! They ate to their heart's content. They even got a little surprise at the end of their clean plates!
Aunt Courtney and Uncle Reed got them coloring packs (little books of their favorite characters, crayons and stickers) to keep them entertained while the adults finished their 2nd and 3rd plates. Thank you, Courtney and Reed, for always thinking of the kids (and Momma and Daddy, too). Once we were finished with our meal, we all headed back to Gamma and PawPaw's house to look over all of the Black Friday ads. The kids watched videos on their special little TV/VCR combo that is set up for them in the gameroom. We also had a plethera of finger foods! Cheeseball and crackers, vegetable tray, angel eggs, pizza dip....and let's not mention all the desserts! The Texans put on a GREAT game! We didn't miss much of the beginning and was able to watch a majority of it on PawPaw's big screen. As the evening was winding down, guests left to get ready to battle it out at the stores, the kids changed into their PJs, and the rest of us enjoyed each other's company. Again, another successful, heart-warming Thanksgiving.
There are so many things to be thankful for. It would take me days to list them all. One thing is for sure...we are so blessed. I couldn't have imagined my life being any different from what it is now; nor could I imagine it being any better. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Granny turns 90!

My paternal Grandmother turned 90 years old on November 3rd! So, to celebrate this wonderful milestone, Bronson and I packed up the kiddos and drove to Georgia to spend it with her. She completely amazes me! She still drives, grocery shops, cooks (we had a Southern-style, home cooked meal for us the evening we arrived...delicious!), and gives Dad enough grief to keep us entertained!!!
She was a great hostess for us all. It took the kids a little while to warm up to her, but they eventually did.
The day of Granny's birthday, we drove out to my Aunt Diane's and Uncle Bob's house. We had a wonderful time reuniting with all of our family (some we have never met) and enjoying one another's company. I loved hearing about what's going on in every one's life and how we can all relate with each other.
 It didn't take long for the kids to run around and feel right at home. They even enjoyed playing with their second cousin, Bailey (above). She was showing them "the ropes" around her grandparents' home.
 In the backyard, there's somewhat of a steep hill that rolls toward the house from a wooded area. The kids had a ball on that! Uncle Bob tore apart some cardboard boxes and off  they slid. It kept them entertained for hours!!! (Thank you, Uncle Bob!)
Although it was a long trip there and we didn't stay as long as I would have liked, I'm so glad we went. I had such a great time with my family that I have missed so much (especially you, Heather). We may be miles apart, but I think of you often. 
As for the triplets, they did amazing on the trip! We left Thursday night and made it to Georgia the following afternoon. They never complained, whined, or cried the entire time! They were definitely tired and I wished they would have taken a nap that Saturday (they desperately needed it!), but they were still great.
Thank you, Dad, for giving us the opportunity to go. Thank you, Granny, for your willingness to put up with all 5 of us. And thank you, Uncle Bob and Aunt Di for your awesome hospitality. I hope the time between won't be as long next time.

Halloween (Sort Of...)

Most of you know that we don't celebrate Halloween. But nonetheless, I remember as a child, I always had "fun" during this celebration. It was neat to dress up in costumes; get candy from homes in the neighborhood; decorating with all the fall colors: orange, black, purple and green and just having a good time with friends. I have so many fond memories of this time that I couldn't resist my own childrens' request to dress up and "go somewhere".
 With slight hesitation, I allowed the kids to dress up in their choice of dress up clothes (costumes they already had...I was not about to purchase anything special for Halloween) and we went to "Aunt" Stacy's house. Stacy, a dear friend of mine (and devout woman of God), invites family and friends over to her home to fellowship and eat....A LOT! She has her own cake business and makes incredible treats for everyone to devour (thank you so much for the extra 10 pounds I gained!)
 During the course of the night, the older kids go out and "trick-or-treat" in the neighborhood. While they were packing their bags/buckets to go, the trips asked if they could go as well. Once again, I hesitated and then thought, "Why not?". So another friend of mine, along with her 3 year-old daughter, rounded the kiddos and went to several houses.
I will have to admit, they were quite the entertainment! Stephanie and I had such a great time watching our kids being silly and getting excited as their buckets filled with candy. The residents were thrilled to see the younger ones out and about and enjoyed looking at their costumes. While this is not a time of year that is highly celebrated as Christmas or Easter is, it is a time to allow the kids to be kids and to just enjoy being alive! As they get older, I see potential life lessons being taught during this time and what should be truly celebrated....a relationship with Christ.