Friday, January 27, 2012

You May Not Have My Toy, But You Can Have The.....

BOX!!!! Only kids, right??? Shortly after the triplets' birthday party, the kids were playing with all their toys they received. One toy in particular, was very popular with Preston and Elise. Ultimately, the toy belonged to Preston. After Elise asked politely several times to play with the toy, Preston eagerly responded, "No Elise, but you can have the box!"

And wouldn't you know.....Elise happily took the box and even slept with it during her nap! Gives a whole new meaning of children preferring the box over the toy!

(Yes, our children strip down for their nap!)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to Us!!!

Yay! We just had our birthday party (yesterday)!! What a great turnout for our special day!!!

This year's theme was Toy Story. Since the kids have been into Toy Story ever since last summer, I thought, let's continue the theme for their party. They LOVED it!! The party was held at our home for the first time......and most likely the last! It was extremely convenient; however, we had such an overwhelming response of guests, our house could barely hold everyone!

Aunt Stacy made incredible Toy Story cakes for each of the Birthday Kiddos. They turned out amazing! Above, Woody is sitting on Andy's bed. Below, you see the awesome detail of all the characters for cake pops....and it was all DELICIOUS!!!

Overall, I counted about 24 adults and 15 kids! We even had another set of triplets come!! Bronson and I decided in addition to the swing set and playhouses in the backyard, we would have a Toy Story bouncy set up. It worked out perfectly!! It was nice, too, since we were able to keep the bouncy until the next morning.

There was so much to do and so many people to see, the trips did get a little overloaded at one point. And after it was said and done, we decided we really can't go a full eventful day without a nap!

Nevertheless, they enjoyed themselves and the company that was with them. It was another big hit birthday party!!

I want to personally thank each and everyone that came out for helping when a hand was needed and sharing this very special day with us!!!

We are extremely blessed to have such loving family and friends!!!