Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Although it's not technically the triplets first Christmas, it sure does feel like it! We have had a blast!!! They somewhat know that something is going on and it's not the norm.

We spent the weekend before Christmas at my mom's house. She always has a Christmas party with the whole family the weekend prior to Christmas so we can all come. Aside from being freezing, we had a wonderful time!

Christmas Eve was spent with Bronson's family at his parent's house. The kiddos had a good time playing with Brooke and opening their presents. We had a nice, relaxing time.

Then Christmas morning.....we spent together!! After the kids had their breakfast, Bronson and I pulled the presents out from under the tree and had the babies "open" them. After about the second one, they figured it out. And like most babies, they were more interested in the box it came in!! Thank goodness we didn't over do it with this trio! We knew with their birthday party coming up, we couldn't afford the space of buying them much of anything!!

Most importantly, we reflected on the true meaning of Christmas. Jesus gave us life and life more abundantly. The Lord has shown us mercy, grace and love. We are so grateful for the life He has given us. We can only hope that you have received His gift of love that He so generously gave and receive the new life that is created when you accept it.
Merry Christmas from the Burcham Family.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Year Ago Today.....

I got a call at 11:00 am from Dr. G. My test results came back and it was time. Time to have the babies. He told me they would be delivered by 3:30 pm that day. I was NOT ready! Especially with the babies being exactly 2 months premature. It just so happens that on that Tuesday, I was exactly 32 weeks pregnant. Scary! I called one person.....Bronson. In half an hour, we were on our way to the hospital. After checking in, we were waiting on the bench (see above) nervously. I think we were both about to pass out from anxiety. By 3:41, 3:42 and 3:43 pm, we had an instant family!!!

What a year it has been! It's been rough, but surprisingly easier than what I thought it would be. It's been fun so far.....but difficult; happy, but sad; exciting...yet mundane. I know this doesn't make sense, but it's been everything and in between. We've had some really tough times, but really easy times. After the initial 2 1/2 months, I finally was on my own. I didn't realize then that I should have kept my "help" as long as they (the mommas) were willing to stay! But nevertheless, I needed to jump out of the nest and do it myself. And all the things I did! Who would deliberately go grocery shopping (for two weeks worth of groceries) by themself with 3 babies and make it look effortless??? Of course no one saw how long it took me to get ready to go and how much work it was when I got home. Would I dare venture that again way! It's a little different as they get older. There were days when I felt that our lives were so monotonous I thought I would do anything to have something different happen. Then there were days that everything was changing so fast I thought I would lose their "babyness" too soon.

I didn't think it was going to be like this. And this, I mean....wonderful, exciting, exhausting, aggravating, heartstopping, heartmelting rollercoaster!!! I'm up, then down, side to side and sometimes, I'm thrown a loop or two. And with all of that, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm excited to see what the next year holds for us......I'm sure a whole new adventure!!!

Although we're having their party on January 2nd, I couldn't help but give them a little "taste" of what's to come. Enjoy the video.....

(Okay....I've been trying to upload this video for a week now - it's 1/8/10. I can't wait any longer! So no video....sorry).

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Time flies when you're having fun!!!

Wow! I cannot believe it's December already!! And mid-December at that!! I haven't posted anything lately as I have been BUSY!! The babies are officially MOBILE! For all of you that said it will get easier as they get bigger......yeah, right! Chasing one baby, okay, I can see that being a little easier since you don't have to always pick them up and "place" them where you want them. But chasing three at one time all going a different direction, well, it's a little harder than you think! Let's just say I'm burning some major calories. The pictures below are from the night before their birthday photo shoot. We were trying on their clown outfits. Here's the update on our little ones:

Mollie......Oh boy! She's fast!!! You can't take your eyes off her for a moment. And curious! This child wants to know what everything is, what it does, and how does it fit in her life. For the most part, she listens when I tell her "no" which is a lot considering she's not even one yet! And the dancing goes on and on. She LOVES to dance. She has several moves she'll pull on you. If it's a heavy beat, she'll nod and sometimes even get her body in the groove. If it's a fast paced sing-along-song, then she'll move her head side to side. She is so adorable! Right now she has 4 teeth showing already! Her incisors are coming in and they are hurting her pretty bad. Most of the day she's okay. But when they start cutting her gums, watch out. She will let everyone in the neighborhood know that it does not feel good! Bless her little heart (and mine too!).

Elise: How can I describe Elise? Laid back? Well, a little. Curious? Just a tad (not nearly as much as Mollie). Joyous? YES! Very happy baby (as long as she's not tired or hungry). She LOVES to laugh. Belly laughs, giggles, chuckling, and even "fake" laughing. Yes, the child will fake laugh at you. It's hilarious! She laughs when Mollie or Preston crawls to her. She laughs when Bronson or I are playing with the other two or her. She laughs if you look at her a certain way. And she's so cuddly! She's like a big teddy bear. We love to love on her all the time. I do think she's slimming down just a little bit. She's crawling somewhat. More like dragging herself! Sometimes she'll get on all fours....other times, she just uses her left arm to drag her whole body. It looks painful, but she seems to be okay. She has two teeth on the bottom....but we just found out today that she's cutting her incisors as well. This is making her a little cranky, but not as bad as Mollie.

Preston - The gentleman of the group is Mr. Personality! He plays shy, coy, lovable, bashful, anything that is precious. He'll hide his face with his hands (see the pic), but will look at you through his fingers and then smile. Absolutely adorable! He's still laid back like his Daddy. I would also say that he's as happy as or more so than Elise. He's always smiling. Him and I like to squeal as loud as we can. He always gets an octave higher than me. After we're all "squealed out", we'll just laugh at each other. He's still a mamma's boy, but he's a little more interested in exploring his world. Especially now that he's mobile. He does a military crawl.....but Daddy told me today that he got on all fours and crawled across the floor (while I was gone Christmas shopping). I was so excited! Even though he military crawls, he's just as fast as Mollie. He follows her around a lot. It's so cute. He watches her and what she does. Then when she's done with whatever it is, he tries to do it as well. Mollie better watch out....he's on her heels! He has one and a half teeth coming in on the bottom and I believe I saw one incisor tooth coming in today. So, I may be in for a long season of teething. Three babies

Ever since Thanksgiving, we've been busy. We've had birthday parties, dinner parties, playgroups, shopping, pictures, and birthday planning!!! Yes, I am planning their first birthday party now. I'm just about done. I can't believe they're going to be a year old. Time flies when you're having fun.....or is it when you're raising triplets????

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Silent No More!

Most people long for silence. They yearn for a little peace and quiet. A time to rejuvenate. Relax.

I remember the silence in our home was deafening. Yes....deafening. If you could imagine silence being so loud. That's how I felt days, weeks, months and even years in our home. After being married for 12 years and living in the house for 9 years, I thought I would hear the sweet pitter patter of little feet, loud wails, belly-laugh giggling....all those things that come with having children. Some days I could hear a pin drop. Anyone who truly knows me would know that I'm not a quiet person. I constantly thrive on chaos. Organized chaos. The louder, the better....sometimes.

Reflecting back on those days....I kind of chuckle. The only time I hear silence is after 8 pm. But it's a good silence. Not that I'm ready for it or even longing for it. It's a "I'm glad I have 3 babies that are sound asleep in our home" kind of silence. Knowing that they're here....with us....our children. Unbelievable. Undeserving. But oh so gracious. So thankful. So blessed.

I thought I would share a little video of our 3 bundles of joy expressing themselves to each other. Our home is Silent No More!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!!!

Bronson and I took the babies to the pumpkin patch. What a great idea for kids (not to mention an awesome photo op!). Although the kiddos are only 9 1/2 months, I think they really enjoyed themselves. It was so neat watching them take in their surroundings. We don't get out much so this was a nice surprise for them.

Oh Mollie! When the camera is pointing her way, she lavishes in it! She LOVES the camera....and it doesn't matter whose camera it is. A couple next to us was taking their son's pictures. Well, good ole' Mollie turns their way and starts smiling, tilting her head and cooing. The woman did ask me if it was okay for her to take the trips' pictures. Of course! And it made Mollie feel special too.

Our little ham, Elise. Little Miss Goofy herself! She really enjoyed the patch. It's hard to catch her smile on camera though. She was laughing most of the time and had Bronson and I rolling as well! She would "pat" the pumpkins and then try to get Preston's and Mollie's pumpkin. And everything they did cracked her up. She's such a jolly baby!

And then there's Preston. He usually smiles a lot, but this time he was a little serious. We thought it could be that this was a very new experience for him. For the most part he seemed to enjoy himself. He liked eating the top of the pumpkins. At one moment, I caught him sucking the side of a huge pumpkin. I know any day now we'll see a tooth come up!
We had such a great time! I can't wait till next year when they are running around and checking out all the things to do. There were several activities there.....hayride, train ride, small petting zoo. Very family friendly (and animal friendly too). This is the same place that does the Christmas Trees so we'll be back in about two months!

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's all about "Ma-Ma" and "Da-Da".....but mostly


Well the kiddos are saying nothing but "Da-Da" these days. Preston has been the only one saying "Ma-Ma". Of course.....he's my little boy! All three light up when Daddy gets home from work. It's amazing to watch them and how they interact with Bronson.

Mollie is a definite "Daddy's Girl". The minute he walks in the room, I become chop liver! She still smiles and plays with me, but not like she does with her Daddy. He can make her laugh just by looking at her. After their bath, we have "reading" time and settling down time in the den/playroom. Bronson will lay on his stomach and Mollie immediately tries to get on his back! It's hysterical. She's so little that she barely can lean over on his back.

Elise is in the middle.....a little bit of Daddy's Girl, but she loves her Momma as well. Although, only Daddy can make her laugh so hard tears stream from her eyes!! Something about him and what he does to make her laugh gets her so tickled. And she's always smiling at him.

And then there's Preston. He is Momma's Boy all the way. I don't think I've ever seen a boy react to his mother the way Preston does to me. His face glows when we look at each other. I can make him laugh so hard just by smiling at him. And I LOVE the fact that his first word was "Mamma". He is one big ham!

We're enjoying these babies so much!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Feeding Time at the Burchams

I thought I would let you in on a little video of the trips' feeding time (below). For the most part, they do very well. It's so cute to see how they each have their own "personality" and "reaction" to eating. Mollie usually "dances" after she gets a bite. But once she's done or really tired....that's it. No more. She will let you know in more ways than one that she's finished.
Elise is sometimes patient, but most of the time.....she's just really hungry. She's a great eater. She eats ANYTHING! But when I have to give Mollie and/or Preston a bite.....she'll either cry out or whine until it's her turn. You'll hear her in the video.
And Preston is a hit or miss kind of eater. Some days he'll do really well. And other days, well, let's just say he's a little distracted. Bronson and I will either have to hold his head up because his chin is touching his chest. Or we have to call his name several times because he's looking everywhere but at you. He'll also "clear" his throat several times. I think he thinks that's funny. Then other times.....he's great. He'll look right at you, take his bite and says "Mm-Mm". Sometimes I have to watch it with him. If I look at him a certain way.....he gets to giggling and all the food just spills out of his mouth.

It's quite entertaining. I do have a lot of fun with them. The key to not getting frustrated is not to have an agenda or a deadline to be somewhere. That's pretty much how I get through most of my days.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rub A Dub-Dub, 3 Babies In A Tub!

The babies are now taking a bath together! They are sitting up well enough (and I feel much more comfortable) for them to all be in the tub together. I like this arrangement MUCH better than what we had been doing (one-at-a-time). Bathtime, like everything else, takes triple the time....especially when you're dealing with a water baby (or babies)! They do love their bath. And I can't wait until they get a little older.....that's when the fun begins!!! Now if we could just get them to wash their own hair!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Update on Elise

The cardiologist visit was a success. Well, a success in the sense that I was able to go by myself with all 3 babies, no fussing or crying at all!! When we arrived , it was time for their 11:00/11:30 feeding. So, I fed them in the waiting room. They did great and we were finished just as the doctor was calling Elise in.

The PDA is still there. It hasn't closed up all the way yet. The doctor said it wasn't a big concern. He would like to see her in 6 months for another follow up. At that time if it still hasn't closed, he may recommend a non-surgical procedure where a catheter is inserted up her leg to her heart to block the hole. I'm not clear if this would stay or if it would be temporary until the hole eventually closes.

Either way, he doesn't seem to be very concerned. So, that makes one happy momma! Thank you for all your prayers. We appreciate them!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nine Months Old!!!

I can't believe it! Our babies are now 9 months old!! It just seems like yesterday when we were bringing them home from the hospital. They'll be 1 year old before we know it!!

A lot has been going on since my last post. First, I went back to work temporarily for my former employer (mainly to help out during their busiest time of year). I should be done within the next week. I'm very grateful for the opportunity, but realized my place is at home with the kiddos. Grandma, Gamma and Stacy (with her crew) have been helping out watching the kids while I'm out. Again, I'm very blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to depend on when I need them.

Well.....last week was the trips' 9 month well baby check up. Everything went great! And yes, I did go by myself. It was a little challenging, but I'm always up for a challenge. Here is the information I'm sure everyone is waiting on.....

Mollie: height 27 1/2" (52% for full-term babies); weight 20 lbs 4 oz. (85%)
Elise: height 28" (75%); weight 22 lbs 3 oz. (96%)
Preston: height 29" (80%); weight 21 lbs 5oz. (75%)

VERY BIG BABIES!!! We are extremely excited at how well they're doing. As for developmentally.....they're almost on target. All of them can sit up very well. Mollie just learned to crawl and pull up in the last few days. Preston does a military crawl (with his belly on the floor). And Elise....well, she knows if she whines enough, you'll move her where she wants to go. Bless her little heart! She's so big!

Two weeks ago, Elise said, "da-da". Bronson was one proud da-da! She loves saying it (mostly to him). Preston can almost say "ma-ma".....but he usually just says, "mmmmma". And recently, Mollie has been saying "ba-ba". They're constantly squealing at one another. It's fun (and interesting) to watch them interacting with each other. For the most part, they get along. I'm looking forward in seeing how their relationships will bloom.

This next month will be a busy one for us. We have a few birthdays to attend, the pumpkin patch outing, our church fall festival, reunion with the NICU, and possibly hosting a playgroup! I should be posting more updates in the near future as time allows.

Please be praying for Elise. She has her cardiologist appointment on Friday. A few months ago, the doctor said her hole was closing and it looked really good. This checkup is to make sure it continues to heal. Thank you!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

The babies are getting huge!! They are amazing Bronson and I day after day. I thought you might like to watch the girls' personality shine through on this video. This was taken earlier in July. Mollie was trying to crawl but didn't know how to get her belly off the ground. Elise is sitting up with the support of a boppy. Everytime when Mollie would move, Elise would laugh hysterically.

Of course now, Mollie is just about to start crawling. All the babies can sit up on their own without support. And although Preston isn't crawling yet, he can get around "creeping". He's pretty fast!

Hope you enjoy the video!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sitting Pretty!

As you can see above, we're practicing our sitting up!! The babies are doing so well. I'm very proud of them. I'm always proud of them.

Typical full-term babies sit up on their own (not supported) around 6 months. I believe the latest they can sit without support (and it not be a developmental delay) is about 9 months. Now everyone knows the triplets are no ordinary babies. Born 2 months premature, the doctors said to add 2 months for their developmental milestones until they're about 2 years old. For those of you keeping track....the trips are now 7 months old (as of last Thursday). I can tell you that these babies are sitting up anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes WITHOUT support!!! Yay!! It's only a matter of time before we won't have to support them at all. I'm so excited.

In the pictures, they're supported by boppy pillows because I couldn't "catch" them if they were to fall. Otherwise, I just sit them up and sit nearby just in case they begin to "timber". After about 15 to 20 minutes of practicing, they do get tired and I put them back on their tummies.

Here's Mollie enjoying her sitting time with her brother and sister. She does well....but would rather be on her tummy!
Elise, by far, is the best sitter. I don't know if it's because she's so big that she has a heavy bottom to keep her grounded.....or if it's because she does NOT like tummy time and would rather sit and watch the other two.

And here's Preston.....just being his usual, adorable self!! He's so laid back, he doesn't care if he's sitting, rolling, or on his tummy. As long as he's with his girls, he's a happy camper. He doesn't sit as long as the girls do because of his big punkin head! It tends to weigh him down....bless his little head; um, I mean heart!

Because Mollie and Preston stay on their tummy a lot, they are beginning to "creep" on their bellies. Mollie goes backward and Preston goes either forward or sideways. It's just a matter of time before they begin to crawl. Elise is content just watching them (which Momma is okay with that.....choice between 3 crawling babies or just 2....I'll take 2).

Monday, July 20, 2009


Look wires!!! has finally come to pass that the doctor sent in for the discontinuance of the apnea monitors. I thought it would NEVER happen! Poor babies have been on those things since they've been home late January.

I can't tell you how happy I am!!! Of course in the beginning, I wanted those babies monitored. I was so concerned that one of them would stop breathing or their heart would stop. But as time went on and they have proven that they're healthy, it's been somewhat of a thorn in my side. But what really scared me is Mollie. Since she has been rolling over a lot in her sleep, she has entangled herself with the thick, gray wire that is connected to the actual monitor that the "leads" plug into. A few times I have woken up to her struggling....only to find the cord wrapped around her throat!!! Most of the time, it's around her abdomen several times (like this morning!). I wouldn't be surprised if the pediatrician just got tired of me begging him to take them off. Either way, I'm one happy Momma!!!

Here's Mollie holding onto her belt with "leads". The belt would go around their chest and the wires coming down is what monitored their breathing and their heart rate. Recently, we've had to tighten the belt (fastened with velcro) so tight that Elise could barely breathe!

Here's our Little Elise with her belt. After these pictures were taken, we had them "throw away" the belts. I'm sure Elise breathed a sigh of relief when she realized that Daddy wasn't going to put that thing back on her after her bath!!!
Once again, thank you for all of your prayers. We are very grateful to be moving on from this season!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bumper Cars and Teething has come to that time in a baby's life when misery sets in. Yes....the trips are now teething. It began the end of June, but now is in full swing!!! The girls seem to do very well; however, it's the little boy that can't take it. I knew that men had a low threshold for pain.....but I didn't know it starts when they're babies!!!

Here's Elise knawing on her hand. She usually chews on anything she can get her hands on. No teeth showing yet, but her gums are really swollen. Bless her little heart!

All the kiddos now have walkers!! They absolutely adore them. They enjoy them so much....they even like to bump into one another and try to push the other one out of the way. Elise, by far, is the strongest.

Here's Preston attacking one of the toys on his walker with his mouth. We try to put teething rings on the tray for him to lean forward and bite. Sometimes it works, other times...well, he would rather chew on the toy.

Please be praying for these little ones to go through this process with ease. And pray for Momma!! I've heard what it was like to have one baby go through the teething phase.....but no one told me how it would be if 3 babies were teething all at the same time. It's not that bad right now.....but I know it's not over yet!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Supersized Playgroup

Today, the babies and I went to a playgroup.....for triplets!!! What a wonderful time we had! In total, throughout the day, there were 9 adults and (drum roll, please).......24 kiddos. Yes, that's right folks....there were 8 sets of triplets! Crazy, chaotic, amazing....all together. It was great getting to meet other mom's of trips and to see them in action all at the same time.

Mollie, Elise and Preston were the youngest (age 6 1/2 months)....while the oldest were Carrie's triplet girls that are 2 (I believe). They were adorable. You'll see in one of the pictures posted they were playing with our babies.

Lots of babies!
Kerra with her babies

Carrie's girls playing with our babies

Babies everywhere!

Me with Mollie, Elise and Preston
We had a great time! I enjoyed being with other moms of trips. And Mollie, Elise and Preston loved getting the attention from the other babies.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Visit to Grandma's and PawPaw's House

When I look at this picture, I think of the theme song of Green Acres!! was the first time we went to Grandma and PawPaw's house. Boy, was it fun!!! The babies and I headed that was on Monday, the 15th. Shana, Eddie, Kara, Emma, BB and Uncle Ken showed up on Wednesday. Then Ashley, Jason, Paige, Taylor and Skylar came up on Thursday. Bronson took Friday off and came up that morning.
It was the first time for Shana and Eddie to see the babies. We had a wonderful time! We played games (thanks Grandma!), made bottles, played with babies, name it, we did it! Emma and Kara helped out so much with the babies! Shana got to see what it was like to have triplets. BB and Uncle Ken enjoyed their grandbabies. And I got to rest; well, somewhat.
The babies got to swim for the first time as well. I think they liked it. But what does a 5 month old baby do in water? Just look and sit. Overall, they did great! They took most of their naps and didn't wake up too early in the morning. For some reason, they think mealtime is at 6 instead of 7 at Grandma's. Once we got home, they got back on the 7am schedule. It must be the country air that wakes them up that early!

Shana and I got to go to Walmart with the babies. I had Shana push the stroller to get the "feel" of what it's like for me on a daily basis. She couldn't walk a full aisle without getting stopped by someone ooohing and aaaahing over the babies. She finally just parked herself in the middle of the big aisle and let people come to her. It was fun!

The following Sunday was Father's Day....a first for Bronson. The babies gave him their cards (which he really enjoyed) and we went to church. Of course Grandma had us go up to the front and give our testimony and showed off the trips. We had a great time. It was nice to see everyone that had been praying for us.....not to mention the ones that bought all those diapers. We still haven't had to buy any (by the way).

Well.....that's about it. We're going back up there on 4th of July. I'm sure that's going to be interesting....Titus (6 weeks old) will also be there!

BB and Grandma with Preston and Mollie

Mollie with Aunt Shana and Uncle Eddie

The girls with Aunt Ashley and Paige...ready for a swim

Thursday, June 25, 2009

6 Months Old!!!!

I cannot believe it.....the babies are six months old this week!!! They are growing up so fast. Gamma and I took them to see the doctor for their 6 month checkup. The babies did great! And I believe the doctor was a little impressed at how well they're doing.
Now....all the information I know everyone is wanting to know:
Mollie: weight - 16 lbs. height - 26". This is in the 50th percentile of full-term babies
Elise: weight - 16 lbs. 14 oz height - 26 1/4". This is in the 70-75 percentile.
Preston: weight - 17 lbs. 3 oz (50% for boys) height - 27" which is 75th percentile
I'm very proud of these little ones!! They are not only on track for their height and weight, but also for their development as well.
Mollie can rollover (alot....even in her sleep) both ways. She's getting to the point where she's about to start crawling. She grabs any object within her reach and passes it from hand to hand. She's very observant of what's going on around her. Mollie is very independent. I believe she's going to be the baby that wants to know why things work the way they do and wants you to tell her everything. She's not fond of taking naps; although she does take both naps during the day. And she is just one happy baby. You'll see in the photos to come that she's smiling in just about every one.
Elise can raise her chest off the floor. She's just about to rollover, but ends up back on her tummy or her back (wherever she started from). This week she started reaching for objects. She LOVES to suck her two fingers on her left hand (the index and middle finger). And she squeals with delight almost all the time. She loves to cuddle and gaze in your eyes. Even though she doesn't always smile in pictures, she likes to smile at you when you hold her.
And then there's Preston. He can now raise his chest off the floor for a very short time. He only rolls over to his side from his back. He's almost on his tummy, but then just stops and watches everything going on around him. He's been reaching for objects for about two weeks now. And he's VERY laid back. Oh my goodness!!! Sometimes I wonder if I even have a third child. He still likes to talk to me, but only when he knows I'll be listening. Otherwise, he's quiet. And his smile....he melts my heart all the time. He is the only one that has laughed out loud. He's very ticklish right under his chin and on his chest. Daddy found those spots one day. In fact, below is a video of him laughing from a couple of weeks ago:
I know alot of people will say I'm biased, but I have the best babies in the world!! They are mild mannered (most of the time). They are so happy!!! (Unless it's 15 minutes before the last meal...then it's all out war!). I had a few people ask me if they ever cry. Well....not a lot, but they are babies!
Once again, I'm overwhelmed at how God has chosen to bless Bronson and I with triplets. It amazes me that after all these years God remembered me. He heard my heart's cry. He knew all I ever really wanted was to be a mom. I never really cared about climbing any corporate ladder or fulfilling a dream career. My career is Motherhood. And I am so proud to be living it the fullest!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mollie Rolled Over!!!

Mollie rolled over yesterday!! She did it twice before I finally got it on video. Also, toward the end of the video, she started to "crawl" (military style) toward me. She is so ready to go, go, go!!

Before viewing this video I need to tell you that I sound very "country". I do not really sound like this!!! Although, Bronson and my sis-in-law, Courtney, would tell you otherwise.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mother's Day

It was a very sweet Mother's Day for me. I woke up to hungry babies!!! They each gave me a card and 3 white roses. And I got to choose what I wanted (Daddy thought I might like a massage). I opted for a family portrait. I'll be getting that together when the trips turn 6 months.
We had a great day....going to church, then coming home to a relaxing lunch from Outback (still had a gift card). I was just glad I didn't have to cook! The babies were great!! It was nice to finally be able to celebrate this day as a Mother.

Catching Up!

I'm in the middle of trying to catch everyone up on what's been happening. So, in the next few posts, I will tell you about Mother's Day, the babies being 5 months and our anniversary.

More to come.....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I just wanted to make a quick clarification about the babies. They are not back on feeding tubes. Several people thought the pictures posted on each baby was the most recent. The first pic is when they were in the NICU, the second when they were about 2 months and the third is the most recent. Sorry about the confusion. Just wanted everyone to see how far they've all come. It's amazing!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Big Boy Preston!

And big boy he is! At birth he weighed the least, but he has made up for that! He now weighs 14 lbs. 15 oz (50%) and measures at a whopping 24 3/4" (50%)!! He has surpassed the girls and on his way at defeating all odds!
We have come a long way baby! From inside the womb, I knew this little boy was a fighter! He has defied all logic from the moment he was born. In the NICU, the boys were often called "little wimpy white boys"; mainly because they just didn't do as well as girls. They normally would develop much slower and had delayed motor skills than their female counterparts. Well....not this boy! Not only did he come out screaming, he didn't even need a breathing tube like the girls. Looking at him now, it's hard to believe how tiny and fragile he once was. He has more than quadrupled his size!
Mr. Flirty is what I call him now! Oh how he loves the ladies!! Don't get me wrong; he's a man's man as well. He is just one happy baby! You will always find him smiling...usually his open-mouthed, toothless grin. It is so irresistible! You just have to squeeze and hug him. And he can talk! Well....not actual words, but he will carry on a whole conversation with me! It's hysterical. I just nod my head and say "Oh really?" and "Is that right?". Oh....and he is sooo laid back. Not a care in the world. I could probably count on one hand the times he cries in a week! (It's usually at the last meal of the day). Sometimes I wonder if I really have a third child.
One of Preston's quirks is when he's drinking....he will stop and give me his adorable smile and let all the milk spill out of his mouth; then he starts to coo. I can tell right now that it will be playtime for him during meals. He will most likely play with his food. And he thinks it's so funny to watch me try to get him to latch onto the bottle, burp one of the girls and not laugh all at the same time. It can get a little frustrating, but it's more funny than irritating. I just smile back at him but then tell him he must finish or he won't get anything else until the next meal. Sometimes that does it. I think he understands me (or it could be I'm spending so much time with babies that I'm imagining it). Either way, it works. He goes back to drinking until he's done.
He's not as loud as the girls, but he is the more talkative one. When he wants attention, instead of yelling or saying "hey"...he just starts talking or letting out a long, high-pitched "ooooooh". He knows that will get Momma to turn her head toward him. I just love listening to him. He doesn't cry....but he does whimper every once in a while. Most of the time it's when he needs to burp. And boy can he burp! For the most part, he can burp on demand. Just pick him up, pat his back, and there he goes! It's nice especially when you're having to burp three babies.
Preston is about as camera happy as Mollie. When the camera is on him, he knows and rolls with it. I think he will be our little show off.
Long before we conceived, I have dreamed about our little boy; how he will look, act and his personality. I can tell you now, Preston is everything I dreamed of in a son and much more. God has given me abundantly all that I could ask for. And my wishes for Preston is for him to be a man after God's own heart; to seek His face and reach others for Him. I believe God has equipped Preston to do all these things and more. I'm excited to see God's will for my baby boy unfold in the years to come.
*Yes....he is sucking his left thumb. In fact, he was doing it this morning. We could only hope for all lefties.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our Little Elise

Well...I wouldn't say she's little anymore! Weighing in at 13 lbs. 8 oz.; she now weighs more than her big sister!!! Her height is 23". Her weight is in the 50th percentile and her height is in the 10th percentile for full term babies.

Oh Elise.....our baby girl! She's always been the "delicate" one. Although she did have an issue with her heart, Bronson and I did not show favoritism toward her or treat her differently. After all, they're all our favorite! After a while of having her home, she seemed to be so fussy. At first we started calling her our fussbucket. When we realized that we were speaking this into her life, we changed our perspective. We then called her our good baby...a baby that wants to please her mommy and daddy. Sure enough, the fussiness has subsided and she's all coos and smiles! If you have been following us and seen all the pics of the babies, you would always notice that Elise rarely smiles. Well, just look at the picture above! There are only certain times when she cries....mainly when she's extremely hungry. This girl can eat all the time! Only a few hours can go by and she's ready for a full bottle!! It's crazy! She lets the whole neighborhood know she's ready to eat!

Elise is definitely one of a kind! She keeps Bronson and I cracking up all the time. I recall one of my friends saying she could always tell which one was Elise because of her "goofy" look in all the pics. That is so true! Her personality is goofy. And she loves when you mimic her. We'll hold her facing us and just stare at her. She'll stare right back at us with a slight smile and will start to coo and make noise. We repeat what she "says" and watch her get so tickled by it. It's so much fun!

Her crying has become less....but sometimes when I'm changing her diaper and she's not that happy about it, she'll start yelling and then stop abruptly. She'll glance up at me to see what I'll do. I tell her that we don't tolerate crying/yelling babies. Then she'll smile at me. I think she's already "testing" us to see if we'll follow through what we say we'll do. She's a smart little baby.

Elise has got this new thing she does with her bib. Now that she can grab things, she'll grab her bib, pull it over her face and then start squealing. I pull her bib back down and tell her we're all right here. She then voices a little "ha!". Just like the middle child in my family....she's going to be the clown.

She still hasn't figured out the camera thing yet. When I point it at her, she's inquisitive. But give her time....if she's anything like her momma, she'll start posing and smiling.

I call Elise my "bonus baby". I prayed for a boy/girl twin and ended up with triplets. She's my bonus that God gave me so I could stay home with them. I couldn't imagine my life without her. She brings joy to my heart and fills my day with laughter. She is my "Little Elise".

*She also sucks her left hand. Looks like we might have all lefties!!! Wouldn't that be so cool?

Good Golly Miss Mollie!!

Poor baby....she will hear that for the rest of her life (Good Golly Miss Mollie)! But I loved the name, so she's stuck with it.

First of all.....I promised I would post weights and height. For Mollie, she is now 13 lbs 2 oz and she is 23 1/4" in length. Her weight is in the 40% of full-term babies! Her length is 10%. But she's catching up!!

What can I say about Mollie??? How about Miss Personality! My goodness. She definitely fits the first born profile. She's very outgoing. Everytime we go somewhere, she's bright-eyed and smiling at everybody. She just flirts with whoever crosses her path. The best thing is....she's a happy baby!

One of the funny quirks she has is she says, "hey!". Now, of course she doesn't actually mean 'hey', but it sounds like she says it loud and clear. She usually does it when she's either tired (and doesn't want to go to sleep), when she's hungry, or when she finds out I'm not in the room. Bronson and I find ourselves saying "hey" throughout the day. It's pretty funny. I'll have to record her and upload the video.

Also, she is the vocal one out of the three. She rarely cries....mainly when she's hurt or she has a bad bubble in her belly that just won't come up. But she's still vocal nonetheless. When she wakes up in the morning, she just lays there until I come and get her. It's wonderful!! Then when I peep over into the crib, she has a big smile for me. It could be that's who she is, or maybe she's just a well-rested baby. Either way, it's very pleasant.

When I hold the camera up, she knows what to do! It's hysterical!! As soon as I tell her to smile, she does (and poses too!). She loves the camera. And as you can see from all her pictures, she's very photogenic. She takes great pics (most of the time).

She's everything I asked for in a be happy, mild-mannered, and beautiful. I'm truly blessed to have her in my life.

*Oh...and she sucks her left thumb..just like her momma did when she was a baby. Maybe she'll be a lefty!! (Bronson and I are both lefties)