Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First Dental Appointment!

We finally had our first dental appointment!!! I was a little apprehensive about taking them since I waited until they turned 4. I wasn't sure what to expect, and hoping I didn't wait too long.
In addition to waiting for the perfect time, I had to do some research on dentists that were on our plan and in our area. I wanted someone close, who also did orthodontics (I'll explain later), AND who would let me back in the area where the kids would be taken for the examination and cleaning. Believe it or not, most pediatric dentists don't allow parents with their children. Very surprising!

 I was able to find a pediatric dentist who also did pediatric orthodontics AND encouraged parents to go back in the examination room and observe!!! On top of all that, he only schedules general dentistry appointments on Saturday! It couldn't get better. But, it did!
 The staff was awesome! They took great care and consideration in it being the trips' first time to see a dentist. The dental hygienist was very gentle AND patient! I love the dentist! He reminds me of my former "old school" dentist. He's not all about the current hype with modern dentistry. I like a dentist to give me some home remedies and not try to sell me on something I don't need.
 Mollie started out very shy. She wouldn't speak to anyone and just looked a little concerned about what was going to happen. I assured her over and over that it wouldn't hurt and we were just looking at her teeth. She soon relaxed and actually enjoyed the cleaning. She did everything she was asked to do. Oh, and great report on her teeth! No cavities, no tartar build-up, nothing! The dentist even said how "lucky" all the kids were that their teeth was well spaced out.
 Elise did a little better than Mollie while the dentist examined her. She was more responsive, but still a little reserved about talking to him.

 The cleaning tickled her (sorry for the picture...it wouldn't let me rotate it). I was concerned about her overbite, which is why I wanted a pediatric dentist that was also an orthodontist. He assured me that her bite was still fine. And we would talk about braces much later down the road. But as of now, she had great hygiene and he was pleased.
 Yay! Another one down, a third to go!
 Being a "man's man", Preston was the most laid back during his examination. Again, a great report! I was so thankful! I thought I had waited too long for an exam and they would have some build up or a cavity or something. Apparently my teeth fetish is paying off! (Yes, I have a mild teeth fetish....I love pearly whites!).
 I couldn't tell if Preston really enjoyed the cleaning as much as the girls. Mollie and Elise were hovering over him the entire time, watching every little movement the hygienist was making!
 All three of them had great dental hygiene! (Thank you, Daddy, for always being so consistent in brushing our teeth in the evening)!
They got to choose a toy for being such good patients. Another small milestone down...until the next 6 months!


Eugenie Velasquez said...

You have three lovely and cooperative kids. It’s great that they did not freak out, or cried during the whole process. They all seemed brave and curious about it. Anyway, it’s good to hear the results of the checkup. You seemed very attentive in taking care of their teeth. I think you must now let them learn how to brush their teeth on their own.
-Wynnewood Dental Arts

Bettye Primm said...

“…most pediatric dentists don't allow parents with their children.” - That’s oddly surprising! For kid’s first dental checkup, it is very important that their parents are by their side to support them. Kids might react strangely over the dentist if they face the checkup alone. Parent support is what kids need during this new experience in their life. @ Back Mountain Dental