Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Tree O' Christmas Tree

 Things have finally settled down a little for me to update everyone as to what we've been up to this month. The first weekend in December we went Christmas tree shopping! We usually go the weekend of Thanksgiving, but after we experienced a very dry, dead tree before Christmas last year, we decided to wait another week.

Loaded up and ready to go, we set out to get our Christmas tree.The kids were excited. This is the first year they actually understood what was going on.
Being in Texas, you never know what kind of weather you're going to run into any day of the week. This particular Saturday started out nice. We ran a few errands, then picked up some mint McFlurry's to snack on while we looked (it was unseasonably warm).
Where else can you be wearing summer clothes, eating ice cream in early December looking for Christmas trees? Such as life being a Texan (more like a Houstonian). We managed.
While picking our tree, it started to rain. Within minutes, it was pouring!!! We were drenched from our head to our toes!! So, we packed up and went home. We saved Christmas tree shopping for another day. 

 I didn't want to wait until the following weekend, so we loaded up again the following day(this time in our rain boots...we knew it was going to be muddy) and set out on a mission! After going to three different places and spending countless minutes looking at every tree known to man, we picked one!
 It has somewhat of a rustic feel to it, but we like it and it's ours.
 Since we got home so late, we had to decorate the following night. Yes, this was a three-day event. It's definitely different from when it was just Bronson and I going tree shopping. Somehow, it now takes triple the time to get anything done!
 The kids thoroughly enjoyed decorating the tree and wanted to do so much more! They "helped" Mommy all along the way.
 We did have a few incidents of broken ornaments and tested patience. But Daddy and I endured and made it a pleasant experience for us all.
 Although I know it would be more convenient and cost efficient to purchase an artificial tree to use for many years, however, it's not the tradition I was brought up on. I don't have an aversion to artificial trees, nor do I not approve of them for other families; it's just that I have fond memories of getting a fresh tree every year. Once again, my mom was adamant on having a live tree for Christmas. Every day I come downstairs to the smell of crisp evergreen. No candle or Scentsy scent can ever replace that natural aroma that a live Christmas tree brings! Not only do I enjoy the smell that fills our home, but the journey of looking for that "perfect" tree. Bronson is glad I'm firm in holding this tradition every year for our family. It aids in getting him into the Christmas spirit. And I've caught him several times taking in a deep breath while roaming around the house. He appreciates the fact that it's a family event and not just me taking care of the Christmas tree "duty". Which brings me to something that I've wondered. Is it just me or does it seem like more and more traditions are being lost? Generally speaking, everyone wants quick and easy so they can move onto the next big thing. Trips become more elaborate, presents become more costly, and the little things that once made Christmas magical are now overlooked. I want to keep it simple, yet profound. I want to focus on the little things for our children to treasure instead of always looking for the big and extravagant. It was a virgin teenager that our Savior was born to. It was a manger He was born in. Simple, yet profound.

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