Thursday, December 27, 2012

Polar Express (aka "Boy On A Train")

 Every year, my mom hosts Christmas at her house for all of the kids and grandchildren (now, great grandchildren) the weekend before Christmas. We spend the entire two to three days at her house, relaxing on the front porch swing, playing games, and enjoying one another's company. This year was a little different. We went on the Polar Express!!! 
 Late last year (and earlier this year), my mom was watching the triplets for a few weeks while I did some contract work. The drive to and from my house is around 3 hours long. Although we usually meet somewhere in the middle, the drive can be a little hard on the kiddos. So, we typically pop in a movie that will preoccupy them for most of the ride. Since a majority of their movies can (and are) quite annoying to listen to while you're driving, my mom decided to let them watch Polar Express (or what the trips like to call, "Boy On A Train"). She says it's quieter. From the first time they saw it, they were hooked. They would watch it at least 3 times a month since then. Obviously, when it was time to plan this year's Christmas party, my mom said she had no other choice but to take all of us on the Polar Express!
 We decided to keep it a secret up until we were in the parking lot unloading. As soon as they heard the whistle and saw the train, they were ecstatic! We had SO MUCH FUN! I LOVED seeing  their little eyes brighten when the train pulled into the station.
It was so exciting to see them remember everything from the story. And I was quite impressed that the "characters" on the train did their best to reenact certain details from the movie.  

 We sang all the songs from the movie and drank hot chocolate.
 The train went all the way to the "North Pole" and we waved at Santa standing on the porch of his workshop.
 After we left the North Pole, we had another surprise...Santa came on board and gave everyone a bell that, apparently, only the children could hear. We really had the kids going for a while thinking their bell was "broken".
 We had such a great experience! It's been several weeks since we went and the kids are still talking about it. I'm sure this may be an event that would need to be repeated. However, next time, I will definitely wear my pajamas!!!
Thanks, Mom, for investing your time, effort and energy into making memorable experiences for all of us. This will be one of those memories not easily forgotten. I love you!

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