Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Little Things....

 I promised myself that I would do absolutely NOTHING on Christmas except stay in my pajamas and enjoy the kids all day. Ha! Did you really think that would happen? So, I compromised. I told myself I would only do a few things, including update the blog, just so I could feel accomplished. I am still in my pajamas at 2:20 pm (Bronson says he knows I'm screaming on the inside....he's right). I think I'm doing a great job restraining myself from getting dressed and cleaning the house.

 This is for all the family and friends out there that actually keep up with our blog. I'm putting forth the effort today to get caught up on all my posts. Right now, I'm just pondering the little things. Little details in our life that we normally look over...especially this time of year. I'm guilty when it comes to getting caught up in all the big things that need to get done that I tend to miss the little things.
This year, I decided it was time to focus on some of the little daily treasures that can be magical for a 4 year old.  In the first pic, we were getting ready to go look at Christmas lights in our pajamas. Before we left, Mollie insisted that I braid her hair (in pigtails) just like the little girl on Polar Express. Elise insisted that I do her hair just like Mollie's. Obviously there's no resisting two 4 year old little girls! So off we went to a close by neighborhood that just about 80-90% of the homes decorate for Christmas. They were featured on the local news. The kids had somewhat of a blast. I think Bronson and I were more impressed with the lights than they were! Needless to say, I was a little let down (not about the lights, but the kids). Aren't they supposed to go crazy seeing all kinds of jingly lights (which is what they call them)? They were more impressed by the 4 houses in our neighborhood and the little rinky dink job Mom did than they were with our outing. Go figure.
 We've been seeing these little gingerbread house kits in the stores lately and the kids have been quite interested in them. So I thought, why not? Let's pick one up and go home to assemble and decorate it. They thoroughly enjoyed it! We had so much fun putting that small, "Charlie Brown" house together! Next time, I'm going for the bigger one. Since it was our first time to purchase one, I had no clue the scale of the thing.
 For three hungry little pre-schoolers, it definitely wasn't big enough. Aside from sneaking candy when I wasn't looking, it lasted several days. Daddy and I eventually hacked into it every night until it dwindled down to almost nothing. When the kids asked what happened....we blamed the elves. Too bad we didn't do Elf on a Shelf this year. He would have been the perfect scapegoat.
Overall, this will be another small tradition we'll incorporate into our Christmas activities. There are several other small traditions that we plan, but that's for another post.

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