Thursday, December 27, 2012

We're 4 Years Old!!!!

Yay! We are now officially FOUR YEARS OLD! We thought this day would NEVER come! We would tell Mommy every day that we're not 4 years old yet, but we will be soon! And now, that day has come! Very exciting!!!

 However, I'm not going to sugar coat this day at all. I would love to tell you that we had a wonderful time and the kids were on their best behavior. I would also love to tell you that I was not stressed out and just enjoyed every minute of their day and showered them with love and spoiled them rotten. That was not the case.
In preparing for all the Christmas events and parties this last week, our adorable little triplets had not been taking naps. They also had trouble getting to sleep at night at an early bedtime (mainly the girls). Therefore, they were loaded for bear on this wonderful, lovely day. (Please don't let all the sweet, innocent smiles fool you!)
The morning actually started out nice. I had blown up balloons and placed them everywhere....on the banister, their chairs, the chandelier, ceiling, etc. I knew they loved them, so why not shower them with all the balloons I could? They yelled and screamed, "We turn 4 today! Woo-hoo!!" It was so much fun listening to them. 
 I was a volunteer in their Sunday school class that day, so I brought mini cupcakes for them to share with all of their friends. When it was time to get ready for church, that's when things started going downhill. The kids were somewhat uncooperative in getting dressed, brushing teeth and combing hair. It felt like I was pulling teeth to get anything done! I knew it was because of  their excitement, so I let it slide.
 We finally got to church (I was on time, but not as early as I wanted to be) and then it hit me....I was the teacher, not the assistant for that day! I had been caught up in everything I had to do that I didn't realize I was doing the lesson!!! Want to talk about stressing out BIG TIME! I grabbed the lesson and had just enough time to skim through it. Typically when I teach on the Sunday before a big holiday (especially Christmas), I like to have something special for all the kids, albeit crafts, a gift, extra candy, a special treat, etc. I had nothing! Well, I did have the cupcakes. On top of that, it just so happens that we had 15 kiddos! (The second service only had 2....go figure!). I believe the kids picked up on my stress and it made it worse. I was so thankful service ended a little earlier. Next time (if they allow me to teach after this), I will make sure I confirm whether I'm teaching or just assisting. Poor kids!
 By this time, it was way past the kids' lunchtime. But I was adamant about going to a restaurant. This was their day and I wanted it to be special! Again....I should know my children better than this. They were great during was afterward that was the problem. By the time we left, we were right in the middle of their nap time. nap today!
When we got home, we had just enough time to allow them to rest for about 45 minutes before we had to get up and go back to the church for their rehearsal for the Christmas Eve service. They did well the first time around. The second time they were called on stage to sing their song, things got a little out of hand. Elise and Preston went after it with one another, pushing and shoving (eventually knocking each other down). And Mollie kept falling off the steps, she was so exhausted. Other parents were getting a kick out of it. I, however, was about to lose it! I did keep my cool and as soon as they were done rehearsing, we went home and had sandwiches for dinner. I wanted to take them to a movie....but the true mommy in me thought it best for them to take a bath and get in bed early. We can save the movie for another day. Hopefully, they won't remember this crazy, sad 4th birthday their momma try to have for them. At least we still have their party to look forward to! 

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